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Happy new year! Today is the first blank page of a brand new book – the book of your life in 2022!

I started writing this post the first week of December. I was in the middle of reviewing my 2021 goals and I thought it’d be best to begin drafting my 2022 goals. You can read my #20in2020 here.

I didn’t think that my goals were that great because I didn’t make all my goals measurable. Hindsight, am I right?! My goals were things I wanted to work on, but I didn’t give the time to plan. They definitely were not SMART goals.

The only habit I created was drinking a gallon of water every day. And I planned for it by buying a gallon pitcher and keeping it by my desk the night before. I set myself for progress and it stuck.

#22in2022: 22 Goals in 2022

  1. Gratitude Jar: Last year I wanted to start a gratitude journal, but I didn’t even open a notebook. I would say that my Instagram is the gratitude jar on my social media. This year I’m going to make a jar. Then, when something makes me happy, I’m going to write it down on a note to add to the jar. Next January, I’ll make a list of everything I’m thankful for in 2022!
  2. Read 50 books: Last year my goal was to read 40 books for the year. I surpassed the goal by reading over 60 books. You can review the list of the best books I read in 2021.
  3. Write 10 Blog Posts per month: This is a lofty goal. In 2021, I averaged around 5 posts per month. When I told Zack that I was thinking about how to create more income from my website, he said that I should strive to double my content. I was thinking about making it 6 – just one more than what I’ve been currently creating – but I’m going to take his advice.
  4. Create welcome email series: I want to setup a welcome email series for people who want to following along with me on my big goals list. Then, of course, the next step is actually sending progress updates.
  5. Rebrand the website: I want to re-do the fonts and colors on my website. But I don’t want to spend the time figuring out the color schemes. I need a quiz or something to figure out what I like!
  6. Develop project outline for #confidenceismore: This really is a task that requires me to sit down and explain my concept to myself. Then I can start building up what I imagine it to be. I just need a couple of hours to begin this process instead of procrastinating.
  7. Promote my blog in engagement groups at least once per week: I don’t want to pay for ads, but I did experiment with them for a couple of posts in 2021. I want to find more engagement groups on Facebook and set aside time to promote my blog. I think once a week should be sustainable for me.
  8. Have at least one sponsored blog or Instagram post per month: I’m starting to keep track of my collaboration opportunities in my income/expense report. In 2021 I had six opportunities that were reviewed based in exchange for a product. In 2022, I would like increase that at least one per month.
  9. Grow my LTK commission by 10%: I received my first $100 check in October from LTK. I have another $147.34 in open commission, but those have to clear before I receive another check. I have to create a strategy yet, but I like that I have the option to promote items in my Instagram stories. I’ve been fairly consistent about posting once a week with links.
  10. Complete 12 DIY projects: The gratitude jar is going to be my first DIY project. Some projects are going to be small like that, which is okay. Others, like house projects, will be big to undertake. We have pantry inspiration, but no plan in place.
  11. Pantry Upgrade: I linked the inspiration post in the DIY category also, but I’d really like this as its own goal. We talked about doing the upgrade over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but we didn’t have a plan in place. I need to make the plan first, then I think we’ll be able to complete this project sometime this year.
  12. Complete 6 pieces of art: This goal of mine from last year was a complete failure. I didn’t do much in the way of creating art! I’m going to pave the way and make it 6 easy pieces of art. I don’t care if I create all 6 at once, but at least I’d be reaching my goal.
  13. Create a Capsule Collection for my clothes: I struggle with making this one a goal because I’m trying to lose weight. I don’t want to purchase a ton of new clothes that I’m only going to turn around and sell once it’s too big on me.
  14. Travel somewhere new: We haven’t gone anywhere new for fun since 2019. Anywhere that is new to both of us should be fun! Even if its a road trip.
  15. Complete each monthly iFit challenge: This one is fairly easy since I’ve been consistent about completing them already. Each month iFit releases a new challenge to complete during the month. Once complete, they send you a magnet. I’ve got about 5 from last year, so I want to build my magnet collection this year!
  16. Complete 1 iFit live class per month: I did two live workouts last year and they helped keep me present during the workout. They have a QR code that appears on the screen. That opens up the text to the trainer on screen. You can submit comments or your accomplishments and the trainer will talk to you and cheer you on. It’s kind of fun.
  17. Lose 10 pounds by March 31: I was doing really well with my fitness schedule throughout the summer, but October hit and I stopped being consistent. Then November came and went along with a lot of work stress.
  18. Pay off car note: I have around $7,000 left on my car. Now that I have to begin paying my student loans again this month, I’d like to remove the smallest loan so that I can focus on the mortgage.
  19. Pay off truck note: Zack’s loan for his truck is more outstanding than my car, so we’re going to pay off as much of it as we can so we only have the mortgage to worry about after my car is paid off.
  20. Roll over 401K: My employer changed the 401K companies on January 1. I just rolled over my last job into the new one in September. And now I have to do it again. This is just an annoying task because it takes so long to receive the check and you need a notary.
  21. Go on more dates: Zack and I usually go out on Friday or Saturday nights, but we tend to hit up the same restaurants on repeat. I think I should come up with a plan to try new places and go on more adventures.
  22. Drink less: Zack and I talk about drinking less a lot more lately, but we struggled during the holidays. We were in a good place before October hit. I think maybe we should try a challenge to give ourselves a huge break. It would definitely be good to focus on our goals!

I had done a check-in at the beginning of October talking about how I lost around 20 pounds since 2020. I would love to get to another status point that celebrates a significant milestone!

@iamkatiekinsley #22in2022 ♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber

Do you track goals every year? What’s one of your goals for 2022?




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