5 Ways to Display Your Disney Pin Collection

Display Your Disney Pin Collection – 5 Disney Pin Display Ideas

Are you starting a Disney Pin Collection? Disney pin collecting is a beloved hobby for many Disney enthusiasts, and showcasing your cherished collection is a wonderful way to share your passion and relive the magic.

Zack and I ended up with our own collection of pins on our trip to Walt Disney World. We had no intention of picking up so many pins, but we began collecting on our second day. I think we have about twenty pins so far. I even went as far as ordering a couple on eBay that we wanted to purchase, but didn’t have time to on our last day.

What to do with Disney Pins?

Now the problem is what do we do with all our pins? I completed a quick search and found these super simple, easy ways to display your collection!

Disney pins are collectible items that have gained popularity among Disney fans. Here are a few things you can do with Disney pins:

  1. Collecting: Many people collect Disney pins as a hobby. You can focus on collecting pins from specific Disney movies, characters, attractions, or events. This can be a fun and rewarding way to build a unique collection that reflects your personal interests within the Disney universe.
  2. Trading: Disney pin trading is a popular activity at Disney parks and among pin enthusiasts. You can trade pins with other collectors, both online and in person at designated trading locations in Disney parks. Trading can help you acquire new pins for your collection and meet fellow Disney fans.
  3. Displaying: Displaying your Disney pin collection can be a creative and visually appealing endeavor. You can use pin boards, shadow boxes, frames, and even custom displays to showcase your pins at home. This way, you can enjoy your collection and share it with others.
  4. Selling: As your collection grows, you might decide to sell pins that no longer hold as much personal value to you. This can help you acquire more sought-after or meaningful pins for your collection.
  5. Gifts and Souvenirs: Disney pins can make great gifts for fellow Disney fans, especially if you know their favorite characters or movies. They can also serve as unique souvenirs from your visits to Disney parks.

Remember that the way you enjoy your Disney pin collection is entirely up to you. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or someone who simply appreciates Disney’s magic, there are many ways to engage with and enjoy your pins.

5 Ways to Display Your Disney Pin Collection

Whether you have just started your collection or have accumulated pins over the years, here are five creative ways to display your Disney pin collection:

Lanyard Disney Pins

1. Lanyard

The most popular way to display Disney pins is on a lanyard, which is useful if you are visiting the parks. Lanyards make it easy for other people to see your pins as well as for you to trade with the cast members.

Lanyards are not just for pin trading at the parks; they can also be a fantastic way to display your favorite Disney pins. Hang your lanyard on a wall hook or a decorative pin display rack. Pin albums are another great option for organizing and displaying your pins. These albums come with plastic pages that securely hold your pins, allowing you to flip through and admire your collection.

Shadowbox Disney Pins

2. Shadowbox

A shadowbox is a great way to display any type of memorabilia. Unique display case helps you arrange your lapel pin collection in an orderly manner and keep them securely fastened using your pin backs exactly where you want them!

Shadow boxes are a stylish and elegant way to showcase your Disney pin collection. These deep frames allow you to create a three-dimensional display by arranging your pins against a background or fabric backdrop. You can also add small figurines, souvenirs, or photographs related to your Disney experiences for an extra touch of magic.

Display Board Disney Pins

3. Display Board

Simply press your pins directly into the display and they will stay in place, no pin backs needed. The pins can be rearranged without leaving a mark on the displays surface and without causing damage to your pin.

Wall Hanging Banner Disney Pins

4. Wall Hanging Banner

This blank canvas banner is the perfect display for enamel pins, badges or patches. All the edges of this canvas banner and serged and hemmed, so there will be no fraying or unraveling of the canvas fabric.

Cork Board Disney Pins

5. Cork Board

The board is 12″x12″ and seated in a stained pine frame. The characters are laser engraved onto the cork board for a lasting impression. Each board comes with the hanging hardware already attached. The cork board is 1/2″ thick so your pins will fit perfectly.

Consider framing your favorite Disney pins for an elegant and polished look. Choose a frame with a fabric backing or a pin-friendly foam core. Arrange your pins within the frame, and secure them in place with pin backs or pin locks. This method not only protects your pins but also allows you to create themed displays based on your favorite characters or movies.

I decided to create this DIY Floating Frame Disney Pin Collection Display Board.

Bonus Tip: Consider adding small LED lights or string lights to your display to create a magical ambiance and highlight your pin collection, especially in dimly lit rooms or for a captivating nighttime effect.

Displaying your Disney pin collection is an art in itself, allowing you to relive the enchantment of your Disney experiences and share your passion with others. Whether you opt for pin trading boards, shadow boxes, lanyards, framed displays, or DIY cases, the key is to arrange your pins in a way that reflects your personal style and brings a touch of Disney magic into your home.

So, dust off your favorite pins, get creative, and let your Disney pin collection take center stage in a display that truly captivates the hearts of fellow Disney fans!Are you a Disney pin collector? Let me know in the comments below!


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