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Michelle + Jim | Wind Point Lighthouse, Racine Wisconsin

Michelle + Jim | Wind Point Lighthouse, Racine Wisconsin

Wind Point Light is a historic lighthouse located in Wind Point, Wisconsin, United States. It stands on the western shore of Lake Michigan, about four miles north of Racine.

Fun Facts about the Wind Point Lighthouse

Construction: The lighthouse was built in 1880 and was designed by Orlando Metcalfe Poe, a renowned lighthouse engineer of the time.

Architecture: The Wind Point Lighthouse features a distinctive tower made of cream city brick, which is a type of light-colored brick commonly found in the area. The tower stands 108 feet tall and has a focal plane of 108 feet above Lake Michigan.

Function: The lighthouse was originally built to guide ships and boats through the hazardous waters of Lake Michigan. It emits a white light that can be seen for up to 19 nautical miles.

Keepers: Over the years, the lighthouse has had several keepers responsible for maintaining its operation. Initially, it had multiple resident keepers and their families living on-site. However, with advancements in technology, the lighthouse became automated in 1964, and the need for a resident keeper diminished.

Preservation: The Wind Point Lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, recognizing its historical and architectural significance. It is now privately owned but continues to be an active aid to navigation, operated by the United States Coast Guard.

Landmark and Public Access: The lighthouse has become an iconic landmark in the Wind Point area and is often featured in local imagery and events. While the lighthouse grounds are closed to the public, visitors can still admire it from a distance and capture photographs.

The Wind Point Lighthouse remains an important part of Wisconsin’s maritime heritage and stands as a testament to the historical significance of lighthouses in guiding ships along the Great Lakes.

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