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3 Valentine’s Date Ideas in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex

3 unique Valentine’s Date Ideas you haven’t heard of in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex! These make for a great romantic date night.

I say unique because every list I’ve looked at for date night ideas for Valentine’s Day in Dallas Fort Worth are always the same on every list. It was frustrating to research! Yes, some of the places on the lists are lovely and fun, but I want to find something new to do that isn’t the Arboretum or the Stockyards. Here’s what I found:

3 Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas in Dallas Fort Worth

Goldola Adventures

1. Valentine’s Date Ideas: Gondola Adventures in Irving, Texas

Gondola Adventures in Irving, Texas, offers a distinctive and romantic experience for individuals looking to enjoy a charming and picturesque outing. Situated in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Gondola Adventures provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing gondola ride on the waterways of Lake Carolyn.

The highlight of Gondola Adventures is, of course, the gondola ride itself. Guests are treated to a leisurely and elegant journey aboard an authentic Venetian-style gondola, complete with a skilled gondolier who navigates the water while guests can sit back and enjoy the serene ambiance. The gondola ride takes place on Lake Carolyn, a scenic man-made lake surrounded by lush landscapes and urban architecture, creating a unique juxtaposition of nature and cityscape.

Pretend you’re in Italy and sail away on your own private gondola cruise, but in your own backyard! Gondola Adventures offers cruises on Lake Carolyn and the Mandalay Canal in Irving, Texas.

Gondola Adventures offers a classic cruise which includes 1 or 1.5 hours of sailing. Prices start at $155 for two people. You can bring your own bottle of wine along for a service fee. They also offer dinner cruises, Valentine’s day cruises, dessert cruises and even a breakfast cruise!

To make the date extra special you can also purchase roses or be romantic and write a message in a bottle. How cute! Make the date extra extra special by capturing it on a drone video. Memories to last a lifetime!

Delta Charlies

2. Valentine’s Date Ideas: Delta Charlie’s in Dallas, Texas

Delta Charlie’s is a well-known and popular restaurant that offers a unique dining experience, combining delicious cuisine with breathtaking views. Situated in a prime location, Delta Charlie’s is often recognized for its aviation-themed atmosphere and its stunning vistas of the surrounding area.

The restaurant takes its name from the aviation phonetic alphabet, where “Delta” represents the letter D and “Charlie” represents the letter C. This naming choice hints at the restaurant’s theme, as it is often designed to resemble an aviation hangar or cockpit, complete with aviation-related decor and memorabilia.

I first heard about Delta Charlie’s while scrolling Groupon. It sounds like a beautiful adventure to enjoy a private flight over Dallas followed by a three course dinner.

From all the reviews I’ve read it sounds like the dinner is just so-so. It doesn’t sound like it’s gourmet as it’s just served in the diner next to the airport.

What does sound great is to experience a new view of the city!

The Cookery

3. Valentine’s Date Ideas: The Cookery

Taking cooking classes is one of the best date ideas if you are a foodie. I mean how much fun would it be to prepare a meal with your significant other?!

The Cookery offers a wide selection of interactive cooking classes that focus on international, regional and seasonal cuisine. They have both Dallas and Fort Worth locations.

The Cookery’s classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners eager to learn basic cooking techniques to seasoned cooks looking to refine their abilities. Participants have the chance to work hands-on with fresh ingredients, learning to create delectable dishes from various cuisines around the world. The classes not only focus on recipes but also emphasize the importance of understanding flavors, techniques, and the cultural significance of different foods.

Zack and I have taken the pasta making from scratch class a couple years ago. With eight other people, we were immersed in how to break an egg in the middle of a flour pile. Then we got to use the pasta roller and cutter to make several types of linguine and ravioli.

The Cookery is committed to sourcing local and organic ingredients. Each class is hands-on and they provide instruction on how to incorporate the flavors into various dishes. The Cookery wants to empower and excite you in the kitchen!

What’s your favorite date night spot in Dallas Fort Worth?!


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