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Katie Hank and Colt Lake Michigan
Hello friend!

I’m Katie. I’m a Introvert, Digital Marketer, Avid Reader, Travel Addict, Dreamer, Dog-mom and have 480693 Hobbies.

I’m obsessed with planning detailed vacations and finding and building an affordable wardrobe. I think all women deserve to feel good in their clothes and that fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

I’m an individualist at heart discovering self-growth, a dog mom and am in love with productivity hacks. I’m not a niche. I’m more than one thing, and I can bet you are too!

I use this website as a creative outlet for myself. This blog is a space dedicated to capturing my life and personal style while on a mission to inspire confidence. Learn more…

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Katie Kinsley Harrys NYC

Hello there! Welcome to my blog where I feature fashion, style, travel and sharing my work-in-progress life. I'm focused on creating joy in the everyday and sharing adventures throughout the world.

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