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Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’ve been asking myself “What should I wear?” and this is the perfect opportunity to round up some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back family dinner or a more polished celebration, I’ve curated a collection of Thanksgiving outfit ideas that marry the warmth of the season with your unique fashion sensibilities. From cozy knits to autumnal hues, let’s embark on a sartorial journey that adds a touch of style to the gratitude-filled festivities.

Thanksgiving Outfit: Oversize Sweater with Shorts and Knee High Boots

lizarudkevich Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @lizarudkevich

Embrace a unique and chic style with the fashion-forward combination of an oversized sweater, shorts, and knee-high boots. This outfit effortlessly marries comfort and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for a festive gathering.

The oversized sweater brings an element of coziness, enveloping you in warmth while exuding an effortlessly relaxed vibe. Its loose fit provides comfort, perfect for indulging in a hearty Thanksgiving feast without compromising style. The shorts add a touch of playfulness and modernity to the ensemble, creating a well-balanced contrast with the cozy sweater.

To complete the look, knee-high boots introduce a dose of elegance and practicality. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also elongate the silhouette, adding a flattering and stylish dimension to the outfit.

Recreate the Look

Oversized black and tan sweater paired with elegant black shorts over sheer tights and a pair of wide leg knee-high boots. Added a small black bag and gold earrings to finish off the look.

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Sweater / Knee-high Boots / Sheer Rib Tights / Black Shorts / Black Bag / Gold Earrings

Sweater with a Long Skirt and Sneakers

fashionablynatalie Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @fashionablynatalie

Elevate your style effortlessly with a fashion-forward ensemble featuring a cozy sweater paired with a long skirt and sneakers. This combination strikes a perfect balance between comfort and trendiness, offering a versatile look suitable for various occasions.

The sweater introduces a touch of warmth and comfort, providing a snug and relaxed feel. Its soft textures and relaxed fit make it an ideal choice for casual outings or laid-back gatherings. Paired with a long skirt, the outfit takes on a graceful and feminine allure, adding a hint of sophistication to the overall look.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Sweater / Skirt / White Sneakers / Leather Backpack / Round Sunglasses

Dress With Knee High Boots

louisemontgomeryblog Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @louisemontgomeryblog

The dress serves as the focal point, offering a range of possibilities from casual to formal, depending on its style and length. Whether it’s a flowy maxi dress, a chic midi, or a tailored mini, the dress sets the tone for the ensemble. The knee-high boots, on the other hand, add a touch of drama and flair to the outfit.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: White Lace Dress / Leather Knee-high Boots / Thin Leather Belt

Thanksgiving Outfit: Sweater, Leggings, and Knee High Boots

audreymadstowe Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @audreymadstowe

The sweater anchors the outfit with its warmth and comfort, providing a relaxed and laid-back feel. Whether it’s a chunky knit or a lightweight, oversized design, the sweater sets a comfortable and chic tone for the entire look. Paired with leggings, the outfit maintains a streamlined and modern appearance, offering both flexibility and ease of movement.

This versatile and practical trio allows you to transition effortlessly from casual to slightly dressed up, offering a practical and stylish solution for cooler weather. The sweater, leggings, and knee-high boots ensemble is a timeless choice that prioritizes both comfort and fashion, ensuring you look and feel your best wherever your day takes you.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Oversized Tunic / Faux Leather Leggings / Tan Knee-high Boots / Beige Fedora / Leather Clutch

Dress and Boots

toreystreasures Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @toreystreasures

This dress and boots pairing is a go-to option for transitioning between seasons and can effortlessly take you from day to night. Whether you’re heading to the office, a social event, or a casual outing, the dress and boots ensemble is a fashion-forward choice that balances comfort and sophistication, ensuring you make a stylish statement wherever you go.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Oversized Beige Sweater / Over the Knee Boots / Brown and Gold Satchel / Sunglasses

Thanksgiving Outfit: Comfy and Casual

roselindco Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @roselindco

This ensemble creates a harmonious balance between comfort and fashion, making it a versatile choice for various settings.

The sweater pants offer a comfortable and laid-back foundation for the outfit. Their relaxed fit and soft texture contribute to a cozy feel while maintaining a modern and casual aesthetic. Paired with a sweater, the ensemble gains an extra layer of warmth and style. Whether you opt for a chunky knit or a more lightweight design, the sweater complements the comfort of the pants while adding a touch of sophistication.

Introduce a poncho into the mix for a chic layering element. The poncho not only provides additional warmth but also brings a bohemian and stylish flair to the overall look. Its loose silhouette adds an element of movement and visual interest to the ensemble.

Complete the outfit with ballet flats for a classic and feminine touch. The flats add a sense of ease to the look while maintaining a polished appearance.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Beige Sweater / Wide Leg Pants / Belted Poncho / Black Ballet Flats / Black Sunglasses

Black Jeans with Combat Boots

ashleyrobertson Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @ashleyrobertson

This ensemble effortlessly blends casual comfort with an urban edge, making it a versatile choice for a range of occasions.

The black jeans serve as a sleek and versatile base, providing a modern and slimming silhouette. Paired with combat boots, the outfit takes on an effortlessly cool and rugged vibe. The boots add a touch of rebellion and attitude, making a statement that is both stylish and practical.

An oversized button-up shirt introduces a casual and laid-back element to the look. Whether it’s a classic white shirt or a plaid pattern, the oversized fit adds a sense of relaxed sophistication. You can leave the shirt untucked for an effortlessly casual appearance or experiment with a partial tuck for a touch of chic asymmetry.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Brown Oversize Shirt / Black Top / Black Jeans / Lace up Boots / Black Chanel Backpack [similar] [similar]

Jeans with Boots and Statement Shawl

kristynhigdon Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @kristynhigdon

Introduce a statement shawl to the ensemble, offering both warmth and a bold fashion element. Whether it’s a patterned shawl, a textured wrap, or a vibrant color, the shawl becomes a focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outfit. You can drape it casually over your shoulders or experiment with different wrapping styles to express your personal flair.

Accessorize with minimalistic jewelry and a sleek handbag to complete the look. This ensemble is ideal for various fall and winter settings, from casual outings to more polished affairs. The combination of jeans, over-the-knee boots, and a statement shawl ensures you stay on-trend while exuding a sense of confidence and style.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Black Long Sleeve Top / Dark Wash Jeans / Brown Over the Knee Boots / Orange Plaid Shawl / Black Hat

White Lace Top with a Long Silky Skirt

rosesandrainboots Thanksgiving Outfits

Photo via @rosesandrainboots

The white lace top serves as a delicate and chic focal point, adding a touch of romance to the ensemble. Whether it features intricate patterns or simple detailing, the lace top exudes a timeless and graceful charm. The semi-sheer nature of lace adds an element of subtle allure.

Complementing the lace top, a long silky skirt introduces a sense of fluidity and luxury to the outfit. The silky fabric drapes elegantly, creating a silhouette that is both flattering and sophisticated. The contrast between the delicate lace and the smooth silk adds visual interest to the overall look.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Long Accordion Skirt / Lace Blouse / Nude Heels

Thanksgiving Outfit: Sweater, Jeans and Statement Coat

thriftywifehappylife Thanksgiving Outfit

Photo via @thriftywifehappylife

This ensemble combines comfort with a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile choice for various casual outings.

Start with your favorite pair of jeans for a classic and timeless base. Choose a sweater in a complementary color or pattern to add warmth and style to the outfit. Whether it’s a chunky knit or a lighter fabric, the sweater introduces a cozy element.

Layer on a chic coat to elevate the ensemble. The coat not only provides additional warmth but also serves as a stylish outer layer. You can opt for a tailored coat for a polished look or a more relaxed, oversized style for a casual vibe.

Complete the look with a pair of stylish booties. Whether they’re heeled or flat, booties add a touch of edge and sophistication to the outfit. The ankle height of the booties complements the jeans and allows for a seamless transition between the different elements of the ensemble.

Recreate the Look

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Shop: Striped Sweater / Dark Wash Jeggings / Camel Coat / Tan Booties

Which recreated Thanksgiving outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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