Hi. I’m Katie.

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Have you ever felt like you want more out of life than just working all the time?

I’m designing a life I love with more time and more freedom to do what I want.

I started this blog in 2009 as a way to document a study abroad trip to South Korea. My love of travel is what kept me writing. So much so that I have over 100 posts on travel!

Like this blog, my life has gone through many changes throughout the years through the scary unknowns after college, to meeting my best friend, then marrying him and moving across the country.

I’m designing a life I love with more time and more freedom to do what I want. I’m on the journey creating joy in my life. This blog is a space dedicated to capturing my life and personal style while on a mission to inspire confidence.

Thank you for being here and allowing me to share my story with you!

Fun Facts:

Star Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Racine, WI

More Recently Called Home: Fort Worth, TX

College Major: Bachelor Science Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee

Graduate Degree: Masters of Library and Information Science, UW-Milwaukee

Favorite Cocktail: Gin & Tonic

Favorite Gin: Bombay Saphire

Favorite Podcasts: Not Another True Crime Podcast
Crime Junkie

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Guacamole

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney

Favorite Trips:South Korea (2009),
Italy (2019), Disney (2022)

Travel Wish List:

French Polynesia,



My Favorite Things
What does an entrepreneur/dog-mom/midwestern girl come to love? Here’s where you find out! This is everything I have tested and loved, from my beauty go-tos, to my ultimate tech and platforms that help me run my life headache-free, to what I’ll never stop reaching for in my closet.

“Everything is complicated if no one explains it to you.“

My passion for food and cooking came somewhere between living at home with my parents during college and moving in with my husband in Texas. With my parents, I would try out different diets (vegan, gluten-free) to expand my knowledge of how to cook different than I was raised. With my husband, I like to try out different recipes to keep the weekly meals engaging, but on a healthier side. Visit the recipes archives page.

My passion for photography has always spawned from my travels. My mother took me to visit my sister in Switzerland in 2005, where we also got to visit Paris – a dream come true for my high school Francophile-self. From then on, my love of travel has grown and photography skills have grown. Visit Katie Kinsley Photography.