Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

Selling Your Clothes at Crossroads Trading

Are you interested in creating a sustainable wardrobe by selling your clothing with Crossroads Trading?

If your closet is filled with clothes you haven’t worn in months, items that no longer fit, or pieces that no longer suit your style, it’s time for a clean-out. Holding onto them out of guilt or with the hope that you’ll wear them someday can lead to unnecessary clutter.

But what can you do with these still-fashionable pieces that deserve a new life? Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail is your solution!

It’s fantastic to know that you appreciate this service. By streamlining your wardrobe, you’re not only reducing clutter but also playing a part in promoting sustainable fashion. Your gently-used clothes finding new homes adds to the eco-friendly cycle. And of course, the extra income is a delightful bonus. It’s truly a win-win situation!

I’ve been selling my clothes on eBay, Poshmark for quite a while, but this is my first time trying out Crossroads Trading.

Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

What Is Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail?

Crossroads is a pioneer in the resale and thrift fashion movement, having been established in 1991. With numerous locations across the country, they offer a diverse selection of gently used clothing at highly affordable prices compared to retail.

The bag is a big one (24″x24″) with plenty of room, so fill it up!

Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

The Crossroads Trading Process

The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Request a Bag: You can request a Sell By Mail bag from Crossroads Trading. This can often be done through their website.
  • Fill the Bag: Once you receive the bag, you fill it with gently-used clothing items that meet the store’s criteria. Crossroads Trading usually has guidelines for the types of items they accept.
  • Submit for Review: After filling the bag, you send it back to Crossroads Trading. The company then reviews the items to determine whether they meet their standards for resale.
  • Receive Offer: Once the review process is complete, Crossroads Trading provides you with an offer for the items they are willing to purchase.
  • Payment: If you accept the offer, you may receive payment in the form of store credit or a check, depending on the store’s policies.

Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

How Much Does Crossroads Pay for Clothes?

When you bring in your clothing items to our physical store, they are evaluated by our knowledgeable staff, and you are compensated with a portion of the assessed value in either cash or store credit. You can choose to receive 50% in store credit or 30% in cash.

For my order, they only purchased two items at a retail price of $40.50. I received a 30% cash payout of $12.15. All the rest of the items in my box were donated.

Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

Donate Or Get Back Your Clothing?

Crossroads has a good idea of what’ll sell in the upcoming season, so there’s a chance the buyers won’t pick everything you send. In these cases, they can donate it for you. If you prefer Crossroads send back your unpurchased merch, there’s a $15 fee. (But in the interest of maintaining your Lean Wardrobe, just let them donate it.)

Understand what Crossroads wants. A lot of it will depend on the season you’re currently entering. Though with Sell By Mail, you do have a better chance of selling even off-season gear, because they have more room to store it (versus selling in stores where it’s more about hyper local demand and seasonality).

Crossroads Trading Sell By Mail

Crossroads Trading Selling Tips

  1. Check the Store’s Guidelines:
    • Before preparing your items, familiarize yourself with the store’s guidelines. Each store may have specific criteria for the types of items they accept, including brands, styles, and conditions.
  2. Focus on Trendy and Quality Items:
    • Crossroads Trading typically looks for trendy and high-quality clothing. Items from well-known brands and those in excellent condition are more likely to be accepted.
  3. Clean and Prepare Your Items:
    • Make sure your items are clean and in good condition. Launder or dry clean clothing before bringing them in. Presenting your items well can increase their appeal.
  4. Seasonal Considerations:
    • Keep in mind the season and the current fashion trends. Consignment stores are more likely to accept items that are in-season and align with current styles.
  5. Check for Damage:
    • Inspect your items for any damages or defects. Items with stains, holes, or significant wear may not be accepted.
  6. Include Accessories:
    • Crossroads Trading may accept accessories like shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Make sure these items are also in good condition and adhere to the store’s guidelines.
  7. Visit During Buying Hours:
    • If you plan to sell items in person, visit the store during their designated buying hours. Check with the specific store location for their buying hours.
  8. Be Realistic About Pricing:
    • Understand that resale stores typically offer a fraction of the original price. Be realistic about the pricing expectations to ensure a smoother transaction.
  9. Consignment vs. Sell Outright:
    • Crossroads Trading may offer both consignment and sell outright options. Understand the difference and choose the method that suits your preferences.
  10. Stay Informed:
    • Policies and guidelines may change, so it’s a good idea to stay informed. Check the Crossroads Trading website or contact the store directly for the most up-to-date information.

I began the year off by listing most of these items on Poshmark. As the year went on, I updated photos, I lowered prices, and I crossposted on Instagram to try to boost sales.

I took all of the items to Plato’s Closet to try to get rid of the items. Then, I tried Uptown Cheapskate for the first time as well. I recouped some of my money, but still the items were not selling. I had such a long wait time with ThredUp that I didn’t want to use them again.

I decided that they weren’t going to sell, so I put my all in by sending to Crossroads Trading and deciding to donate the rest of the items.

While they only purchased two items, I’m glad I don’t have to manage the listings any longer.

What other services have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!



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