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Java Planet Coffee

Java Planet Coffee
What Makes Java Planet So Smooth & Full Flavored? First they select the top 2% of coffee grown - USDA organic specialty grade arabica coffee.

Website: jporganiccoffee.com/

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Organic coffee from @javaplanetcoffee Organic Coffee

This is a medium dark roast with sweet floral undertones and a smooth balanced flavor made from specialty grade organic arabica coffee. And they package a full 16 oz pound bag, unlike *other undefined companies*.

Java Planet is a family-owned small batch coffee roaster.

They are 100% certified organic and are serving the highest quality coffee from farms that are Smithsonian Bird Friendly, Rainforest Alliance & Fair Trade Certified.

I usually drink my coffee with flavored creamers, but it tastes great without anything added in.

Get yours at javaplanet.coffee or on Amazon