Midsize Fashion Bloggers You Will Love to Follow

Midsize Fashion Bloggers You Will Love to Follow

In a world that celebrates diversity and body positivity, the fashion industry is undergoing a much-needed transformation. Bid farewell to unrealistic standards and embrace authenticity, a new wave of fashion influencers is taking center stage – the midsize fashion bloggers. These trailblazers effortlessly redefine style, proving that fashion is not about conforming to a specific size but about expressing individuality with confidence.

What is Midsize Style?

Midsize style generally refers to a fashion approach that embraces and caters to individuals who fall between traditional straight-size and plus-size categories. This includes people who may be considered “in-between” sizes or who don’t fit neatly into standard size ranges. Midsize fashion focuses on inclusivity and celebrates diverse body types.

It’s important to note that the term “midsize” may vary in its definition. Some may use it to describe a specific size range, while others may view it as a mindset promoting inclusivity and body acceptance. The midsize fashion movement is part of a broader shift towards more inclusive and diverse representation in the fashion industry.

Finding fashion bloggers who specifically focus on petite midsize fashion can be a bit niche, but there are certainly influencers who cater to this audience.

As I shine a spotlight on these midsize fashion influencers, I’d like you to discover a world where fashion knows no size – only style, passion, and the empowering embrace of self-love. Get ready to fall in love with these midsize fashion bloggers who are not just trendsetters but also champions of body positivity and inclusivity in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Petite Midsize Fashion Bloggers

I grouped these bloggers together with heights of everyone 5’4″ and under.

Abby Chhabra

Height: 5’0″
Size: 8-10

Follow Abby on Instagram: @marblelouslypetite

Megan // Authentic Lifestyle & Affordable Fashion

Height: 5’1”
Size: 8

Follow Megan on Instagram: @meganlawless

Laura Loewen

Height: 5’2”
Size: 6-8

Follow Laura on Instagram: @the.laura.loewen

Sarah ✨ Midsize + Petite Fashion

Height: 5’2”
Size: 10-12

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @lavidalati

Claire Tammaro

Height: 5’2″
Size: 10-12

Follow Claire on Instagram: @Claire.Tammaro

Ashley Martina

Height: 5’2”
Size: 12

Follow Ashley on Instagram: @SweetHomeAshley

Anita | Kissed With Curves

Height: 5’2”
Size: 12

Follow Anita on Instagram: @kissedwithcurves

Chelsea Culbertson

Height: 5’2”
Size: 14-16

Follow Chelsea on Instagram: @choosingchelsea

Kelsey Byron Breisinger

Height: 5’3″
Size: 10

Follow Kelsey on Instagram: @kelclight


Height: 5’3
Size: 10

Follow Melissa on Instagram: @midimeliss

Alison Gary

Height: 5’3″
Size: 14

Alyson blogs a lot about being petite and on cusp between straight and plus sized

Follow Alyson on Instagram: @wardrobe_oxygen

Nina Caviggiola

Height: 5’4″
Size: 12

Follow Nina on Instagram: @balkanina

Shelby Scott

Height: 5’4”
Size: 12-14

Follow Shelby on Instagram: @shelbysaywhatblog

Brooke | Neutral Midsize Style

Height: 5’4
Size: 10

Follow Brooke on Instagram: @caffeinatedinstyle

Brittany Garcia

Height: 5’4”
Size: 8-10

Follow Brittany on Instagram: @kingdomofsequins

Mid-Height Midsize Fashion Bloggers

I grouped these bloggers together by their height between 5’5″ through 5’9″.

Alex ☀️ Fashion & Fitness in NYC

Height: 5’5″
Size: 10-14

Follow Alex on Instagram: @madebyalexnyc

Chloee Huseman

Height: 5’5″
Size: 6

Follow Chloee on Instagram: @retailcheapskate

Morgan Bullard

Height: 5’5″
Size: 8

Follow Morgan on Instagram: @morgbullard

Lauren Chambers

Height: 5’5″
Size: 8-10

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @laurenelyce

Shelby Beatty

Shelby Beatty

Height: 5’6
Size: 8-10

Follow Shelby on Instagram: @shelbstales

Taryn Hicks

Height: 5’6”
Size: 14

Taryn is a wonderful midsize influencer, and I think she may fit the size range you’re looking for! She has great styling tips and lots of affordable finds. I think there may be some inspiration available there for you.

Follow Taryn on Instagram: @taryntruly

Stephanie Joplin

Height: 5’7”
Size: 10-12

Follow Stephanie on Instagram: @betterwithchardonnay

Erica Suckow

Height: 5’7″
Size: 12-14

Follow Erica on Instagram: @hiericasuckow

Kylie Nelson

Height: 5’8″
Size: 10

Follow Kylie on Instagram: @__kylienelson

Melissa Leigh

Height: 5’8
Size: 10

Follow Melissa on Instagram: @melissa.leighs

Tall Midsize Fashion Bloggers

I grouped these bloggers for anyone over 5’9″.

Olivia Tierney

Height: 5’9.5″
Size: 12

Follow Olivia on Instagram: @oliviafredacurves

Meghan Korte

Height: 5’10”
Size: 6-10

Follow Meghan on Instagram: @the_other_mk

Nicole Weisman

Height: 5’10”
Size: 14

Follow Nicole on Instagram: @curvestocontour

Kelly | Midsize Fashion

Height: 5’10”
Size: 12-14

Follow Kelly on Instagram: @kelly_elizabethxo

Dana Berez

Height: 5’10
Size: 10

Follow Dana on Instagram: @danaberez

Other Midsize Fashion Bloggers

I couldn’t find the height for these bloggers, but I still wanted to give them a mention!

Follow Elsa on Instagram: @simply_elsa

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @fromsarahsleeve

Follow Beth on Instagram: @simply.beth__

Follow Nicole on Instagram: @corporately_nicole

UK Based Midsize Fashion Bloggers

Follow Laura on Instagram: @doylediary

Size 18 – 22 & 5ft10

Follow Daisy on Instagram: @mrsdaisywalker_

Follow Amy on Instagram: @amyastridd

Follow Siobhan on Instagram: @siobhanlouisefashionxoxo

Midsize Fashion Bloggers You Will Love to Follow

Wrap Up Midsize Fashion Bloggers You Will Love to Follow

If you haven’t started following these incredible women, it’s high time you did. Regardless of whether they explicitly label themselves as midsize fashion bloggers, their influence is profound, especially for those who don’t conform to the size 0 standard. What’s more, their impeccable taste is nothing short of extraordinary.

Do you have any favorite midsize fashion bloggers that you love following? Let me know in the comments!

Check out my midsize fashion content on instagram @iamkatiekinsley, Pinterest @iamkatiekinsley and Facebook at facebook.com/iamkatiekinsley. And if you liked this post, be sure to check out my other style posts.



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