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Stitch Fix Review September 2022

Stitch Fix Review September 2022

Stitch Fix Review September 2022

This is my first Stitch Fix box ever. When I was visiting my sister last month, she had a box arrive. We were out and about and she kept reminding herself that she only has a couple of days to try everything on. She didn’t want to forget to return the items she didn’t like!

I asked her how she liked it and she enjoys the convenience. A box of clothes shows up at her door, and she sends back anything she doesn’t want. How easy is that?! She shared a code with me to purchase my first box.

How Stitch Fix works

  1. Tell us about your style: Take a quick and easy style quiz to help us learn what you love.
  2. Get pieces picked just for you: Collaborate with your stylist to receive pieces that reflect your style, fit and price point.
  3. Shop on your own in your personalized store: Discover new items and outfit suggestions every day.

After finishing your style quiz, Stitch Fix matches you with one of their personal stylists they work with. Once your picks are ready, you can add the items to your box. Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee every time your stylist sends out a box. It gets credited toward any pieces you keep.

September 2022 Stitch Fix Try On

EDEN SOCIETY – Holly Contrast Hood Cargo Jacket

This jacket is $88, but the only item I liked from my box. I kept it. I got a promo of $25 by using my sister’s credit, so after that was deducted and tax was added, I paid $68.20 for the jacket.

EDEN SOCIETY - Holly Contrast Hood Cargo Jacket

PINK CLOVER – Nickole Textured Sweater(s)

I’m a little annoyed that they would send me two of the exact same items, but in two different colors. It seems a little lazy on their end.

PINK CLOVER - Nickole Textured Sweater

PINK CLOVER - Nickole Textured Sweater

PINK CLOVER – Ameya Brushed Knit Top

And this color block shirt isn’t even a different brand. I don’t feel like I got a lot to choose from within my fix.

PINK CLOVER Ameya Brushed Knit Top

FORTUNE + IVY – Carna Mixed Material Blouse

I didn’t like this top because it is made from polyester.

FORTUNE + IVY - Carna Mixed Material Blouse

My Thoughts

I liked the experience of taking the quiz and picking out my clothes, but none of the options were that inspiring or made me “want to have it.” It makes me question if my taste is that bland.

I signed up for the quarterly option, so I won’t hear from them until December. I left my feedback on the items and told them I can go with the same stylist again or they can pair me with someone else.

Get your first box! Use this link to get $25 toward your first fix!!

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