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Dallas Blogger Brunch | Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s almost the end of August and what better way to celebrate that with some like-minded women for brunch with the Dallas Blogger Brunch!

I attended the Blogger Brunch Dallas who hosted their August brunch at Joe Leo Fine Tex Mex in Dallas. It was sponsored in conjunction with Buddylove who has the most adorable southern, boho lifestyle clothing line.

Joe Leo Fine Tex Mex

Joe Leo Tex Mex


Joe Leo Fine Tex Mex

Joe Leo Fine Tex Mex

Attending the Blogger Brunch Dallas

I’ve been pushing myself outside of my comfort zone left and right over the past couple years. With joining the Dallas Social Influencers and trying to turn my photography hobby into a business, I was outside of my comfort zone almost every weekend.

I did meet Rhonda Jenkins, the host of the Blogger Brunch, right before the pandemic for a mini-course of the Alt Summit conference in Palm Springs. Of course, the pandemic made it almost impossible to network or to keep pushing myself into any networking events because it was all a complete pause.

Since we are vaccinated now and can leave our homes, the networking is back on! The following are some ways to get out of your comfort zone.

3 Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Make small changes to your daily routine: I’ve been pushing myself physically lately and I’ve been pretty chatty about it online. I want to take care of my health and that gets sprinkled into my daily routine now. I have also started journaling a little bit. It’s not enough to be daily, but I’ve started to do it – and I’m proud that I started. Whatever you’re interested in, start off small (maybe once a week). Take the time to learn about it. Then talk about it! You’ll find that other people are fascinate (or not) in your interests!
  2. Find Opportunities to Network: I consider brunch a networking event because I met with several women that I’ve never met before. We all have an interest in our Instagram accounts – but for various reasons! I sought out this opportunity to meet new women to connect in real life. I can ask them about their interest and, in turn, talk to them about me and what I like. If you don’t like talking about yourself, then continue to ask other people questions. You’ll find that people really like to talk about themselves if you keep asking questions 🙂
  3. Get Ready to Be Uncomfortable: If you’re new to putting yourself out there, then you’re going to get ready to be uncomfortable. As an introvert, I can only handle so many social interactions per day (and they might be used up by the time I get to my event). I’ve learned that I need to stay off my phone at these times. There is no need to retreat or run away. If something embarrassing leaves my mouth, I own up to it in the next sentence, “like, omg, I didn’t mean to say that! I meant to say…” It takes time to push myself to be social and I’m full of awkwardness.

Blogger Brunch Dallas @ Joe Leo’s

The following photos taken by Destynie Paige Photography.

Blogger Brunch Dallas

Blogger Brunch Dallas

Blogger Brunch Dallas

me and Rachel

Bloggers and Influencers in Dallas-Fort Worth

And if you’re interested in following up with the attendees of this brunch, here’s a list of the beautiful bloggers and influencers Instagram accounts:

Final Thoughts

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