The Tattoo Removal Process

The Tattoo Removal Process

Original Tattoo

The first thing to know about the tattoo removal process is that its going to become quite pricey. The second thing to know is that it really hurts. The time it may take to get it removed can take well over a year and each session under the laser can last up to a couple minutes (or longer depending on the size). And there is no direct answer on fully removing a tattoo because there is too many inconsistencies: depth of ink, size of tattoo, type of skin, etc.

Both images above were taken when I first got the tattoo. Immediately after it was done and maybe a day or two after with salve.

I bought a Groupon for three laser sessions at the price of $99. My first session was in June, the second in July and the third in August. There is a 6-8 week gap in between sessions to give the laser burn time to heal. I’ve been going to A Younger You Medical Spa in Burlington, WI. For financial, I don’t plan on continuing with the laser appointments immediately after my last session. I’d like to focus on my debt first.

In a typical session, I check in for my appointment and place an ice pack over the tattoo while I’m in the waiting room (a least ten minutes to numb the skin). There is no prescription pain medication or actual numbing cream used – just ice against skin to dull the pain of the laser. The technician then cleans the area, asks if I’m ready, then proceeds to use the laser against my skin until all the ink turns white. This can take anywhere between thirty seconds to over one minute not counting any breaks to deal with the pain. This is direct laser on skin burning.

By the time I’m ready to hop in my car, the white has dulled to red and the area is then inflamed. This inflammation eventually goes away after a few days and then a scab develops. What’s really happening under the skin is that the laser is breaking up the ink pigments and flushing them out. The scab will eventually heal, then there is a wait time of six weeks before you have to go through this process once more.

I definitely don’t regret the tattoo. I still like the skull, but I don’t love it. And I hate when people ask me about it! Read more about my experience here.


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