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I used to be so good at setting goals for myself. Maybe it was because I had way more free time in my early twenties than I do now in my early thirties. But that makes me beg the question “Why?” when I no longer have school as my top priority.

I have no excuse for not creating goals.

As a lot of my friends are setting intentions for the new year and new decade, I have decided to do the same. My husband always calls me basic for following my friends, but when something is as crucial for a new beginning, a new start, then it’s good to be basic! With that out of the way, my phrase to start off the new year is “No Excuses.” Look at me, I’m a walking, talking Nike billboard .

Okay, so I know it’s already January 29, but it’s better to be late to this party, right?

Over Christmas break I had worked on my photography website. And you know what? I absolutely hate it. The important lesson here is that I started. I could be waiting forever to get my butt into high-gear and have a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. website. At least I have one. Before I had to go back to work on January 2, I created a to-do list for myself:

  • Create social media plan
  • Add Facebook and Instagram icons to photography website
  • Write about page
  • Create Travel section
  • Write one blog post (on this domain)
  • Create a big “To Do” for all my websites
  • Work on portfolio

See? I’m just a little bit ambitious. As of today, I have only done the first item…but I started working on my photography Instagram and Facebook account. I have been working to build that up because I want to keep photographing and sharing images of all the lovely people I’ve been meeting lately.

Now that almost a month has passed since I created my initial to-do list, I have so many more ideas of what to add or what to change. And I finally felt like writing my first blog post – with no excuse. Welcome!

My name is Katie Kinsley. I, like everyone else, am a multi-faceted person. I have a lot of interests and I’ve been trying to find a way to best express myself through various online avenues. I’ve settled on building this very convoluted, but separate structure to showcase my interests in silos.

katiekinsley.com – This is the place to share with you my digital marketing knowledge. I intend for it to help you start your adventure in the digital space. I want to help you by being a resource!

https://www.katiekinsley.com/recipes/ – This is the place where you can find delicious recipes that my family makes. I want to keep it ad free because sometimes other recipe websites are so bogged down with ads left and right. And I get it, they’re making money off it, but sometimes I really want to get to the recipe and I don’t have time for slow-loading videos.

https://www.katiekinsley.com/lifestyle/photography/ – This is the place where you can find my various adventures in photography. I am definitely an amateur in the truest form: one who does something for the pleasure of it. I definitely would love to get to the point where I am paid for my talents, but, as of January 2020, I am exploring as many avenues as I can until I find my best fit.

I am v. ambitious. Hello 2020! Here are the 20 posts I intend to write in 2020 (fyi, I wrote this down in summer 2019 and am just getting this all started):

  1. Welcome Message (& meet the author)
  2. On Getting Started
  3. Choosing Your Business Name and Not Being Basic
  4. What is a blog and why do I need one?
  5. Building Your Foundation – How to Choose the Right Blogging Platform
  6. Getting Technical – The Importance of Google Analytics for Your Website
  7. How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website
  8. Connecting Google Search Console to Your Google Analytics Account
  9. Getting Started with Google Tag Manager
  10. Finding Your Voice and Making Your Message Loud and Clear
  11. Getting Started on Social Media
  12. How to Marie Kondo Your Digital Life (Cleaning Up & Unfollowing)
  13. Getting Your Website the Self-Care it Needs
  14. Simple SEO to Make Your Website Found
  15. Free Stock Photo Websites For When You Don’t Have the Perfect Image
  16. How to Create Your Website’s Brand
  17. How to Stay “On Brand” When Your Write Something Off Topic
  18. Setting Up Google Adsense if You Want to Monetize Your Website
  19. Don’t “Fake It” ‘Til You Make It –> Gain Confidence Instead!
  20. Lead Magnets – What Do I have to Offer?

I hope you’ve caught on to the vibes I’m throwing at you with my digital marketing intentions. Let’s get this decade started!


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Katie Kinsley

Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, Katie Kinsley is a content creating, email marketing, overambitious plant-lover (read: killer). She's obsessed with planning detailed vacations and finding and building an affordable wardrobe. She's an individualist at heart discovering self-growth, a parent to a dog and a cat and in love with productivity hacks.
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Hello I’m Katie!

Katie Kinsley is a Texas-based digital marketer and aspiring influencer. This is a lifestyle blog focused on Katie’s work-in-progress life. She’s focused on creating joy in the everyday, sharing adventures throughout Dallas/Ft. Worth (and the world), and empowering women to find their confidence — all in her unique unfiltered style.
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