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Monthly Life Update: August 2023 Haleakalā Zipline

Monthly Life Update: August 2023

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

Monthly Life Update: August 2023 We planned a short trip to Wisconsin to see family in September. Zack has a work trip in Milwaukee and St. Louis, so I tagged onto the weekend.

My heart goes out to Hawaii. I was reminiscing about the trip my mom and I took last November. I was going to write up a travel post (and I had it scheduled), but then the news of the fires took over. I unscheduled the posts.

August 2023 Goal Progress


I didn’t finish reading anything this month. I was working on Spare by Prince Harry, but my checkout expired and I didn’t get to finish it. That’s the only place I’m falling behind on; everything else has been fairly steady progress.

Read more about my 2023 Goals.

August 2023 Side Hustle Income


I only had one sale through The Real Real with an $11 payout to me. I had no Poshmark sales, which tells me that the app is not working for me at this time. I looked into why and several people mentioned that people are selling items super cheap on the Posh Shows feature. I am not using that so maybe my content is suppressed?

I made another $40 on the weSponsored app, but there wasn’t a lot of new campaigns posted (or at least I wasn’t selected for the ones I applied to).

I made two large orders from Abercrombie, but I won’t be able to use the content until September. I was looking for some fall staples. I mentioned that the commissions I made from the Nordstrom sale, but those ordered were returned and the commissions reversed on my account. I had one payout in August for $27.36.

LTK: August had 1010 clicks and $93.25 in open commissions.


I spent a lot of time going through old posts, updating content, and adding in a plan for expanding content on Pinterest. I took a break at the end of the month because I’m planning a trip home the second weekend in September. And it good to take breaks!

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. UNESCO’s Eternal City: Historic Centre of Rome
  2. UNESCO’s Stamp of Approval: The Vatican City’s Historic Significance
  3. Enchanting UNESCO Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape
  4. Exploring the Historic City Centre of Salzburg
  5. Universal 2-park 1-day Itinerary with Express Pass
  6. Marvels of Ancient Rome: The Colosseum – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  7. Historic City Centre of Vienna – A UNESCO Gem
  8. July 2023 Best Sellers
  9. Paris, Banks of the Seine: A UNESCO World Heritage Gem
  10. Culinary Delights: Discover 7 Restaurants in Salzburg
  11. Taste Tradition: 4 Authentic Restaurants in Nuremberg
  12. Statue of Liberty National Monument – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  13. Exploring the Wonders of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  14. Fall Outfit Inspiration | Jennifer Aniston Edition
  15. The Vibrant Island of Burano: Italy’s Colorful Paradise
  16. Munich: A Bavarian Gem – Embrace the Spirit of Gemütlichkeit
  17. Berlin: Where History Meets Cool – A German Adventure
  18. The Ultimate Guide to Traveling in South Korea
  19. Dog-friendly Weekend Trips from Dallas, TX
  20. Exploring the Flavors of Korean Cuisine: A Culinary Adventure
  21. Why I Haven’t Niched Down
  22. Life Path Number
  23. How To See Nuremberg In One Day: The Ultimate Guide
  24. 9 Day Travel Itinerary Through Germany and Austria
  25. 13 Things to do Near Caddo Lake
  26. and this Monthly Life Update: August 2023!


My hip was hurting for a couple days this month and I ended up taking a week off. Then Zack broke the treadmill, so I was sidelined for a bit on my iFit workouts.

I completed the Great Outdoors Challenge both the running and the strength workouts.

I had purchased the extended warranty in January 2022 for only $119.06. I thought that I was purchasing something that would include a scheduled maintenance on the equipment, but that was not the case.

I got the information and Zack called to ask about fixing the treadmill. Customer Service asked for us to send a photo of the equipment. They shipped us a new controller and motor. The following week, a maintenance company reached out to us to schedule a service tech. Only the controller was replaced (the motor was fine).

I guess iFit removed the ability to review stats on the browser, which means that I cannot pull my total miles, hours or workouts for the month of August. Its forcing me to use the app which only gives the options of today, past 7 days, past 30 days and year to date. August is 31 days, so it doesn’t show me the entire month. I guess I can’t track my fitness anymore, ugh.

Manually pulled August 4-31 (past 30 days) is 24 workouts, 9 of them were strength or HIIT workouts when the treadmill was broken. Total miles is 21.11 and total time is 8:03:39.



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