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weSponsored Review – Is weSponsored Legit?

Want to get sponsorships from brands? Try weSponsored influencer marketing platform for your next campaign.

What is weSponsored?

weSponsored is a platform that connects influencers with brands for product reviews, sponsorships, and press opportunities. Influencers on this platform can receive free products and potentially earn income through paid sponsorships by working with different brands.

As of now, there is not a desktop version for you to login into. You must download the ios app to participate. This approach might be aimed at creating a more mobile-focused and user-friendly experience for influencers who are often active on social media platforms through their mobile devices.

What should you expect after joining weSponsored?

Once you download the app, you’ll have the opportunity to discover different brand partnerships. On the Discover tab, you’ll see a list of eligible product campaigns to apply to. Most of the items state the cost of the product (free to the influencer), if there is content required, and if there is a participation bonus.

weSponsored Discover Sponsorships

You can apply for the sponsorships that you’re interested in or qualify for. You don’t have to pay to be a part of weSponsored – brands pay, influencers don’t. The $20 free product in the image above is stating the cost of the product, but you would receive that item for free if you’re accepted into the campaign.

weSponsored Apply for Campaign

How does weSponsored work?

You apply for the campaigns that you want to participate in. It’s up the the brand to decide whether or not you’ll be accepted to participate in the campaign.

If selected, you’ll be sent a pre-paid credit card to purchase the item. So far I’ve only been asked to purchase items via Amazon. There’s absolutely no money out of pocket for you to receive a campaign product.

weSponsored Apply for Campaign Complete

I’ve worked on two campaigns so far – one for a knife and one for a pair of wireless earbuds. All I had to do was add the pre-paid card number to add to my Amazon account when purchasing the product and it covered the entire price. I was asked to submit screenshots through the app to verify that I purchased the product.

weSponsored Completed Campaigns

Both products did not offer any monetary payment or extra requirements after receiving the product. They do *kindly* ask that you leave a review on the Amazon product listing. I have also been part of campaigns where they will pay you $5-10 to prove that you’ve left a review on Amazon.

Is weSponsored a Scam?

Absolutely not! I have outlined in detail below my first two campaigns with the weSponsored app. I have been very pleased and pleasantly surprised with my experiences so far. While not every campaign receives monetary compensation, you might be able to participate in a campaign for a higher end product – for only a review on Amazon.

I even went so far as to check on the BBB Scam Tracker to see if the company shows up as an existing – which is DOESN”T!

weSponsored Statuses – Discontinued as of 8/14/2023

I know I keep mentioning little-to-no monetary payments, but I am new on the app in 2022. I have been applying and participating to any campaign that is relevant to my niche and/or products that I’m interested in trying.

With that in mind, my profile has a status. weSponsored states that they “look at your follower count, engagement rate, and the average number of likes on your recent posts to determine your weSponsored status. We check you social metrics each week.”

I currently have a Silver status. This means that I have access to:

  • You have access to premium sponsorships with high value products
  • You receive sponsorship payments
  • Your profile will be shard with top brands
  • You have access to sponsorships that offer commission-based payments

I don’t remember looking at this when I first joined the app, so I am not sure if there is a tier below this status (such as a bronze level). If you’re interested in joining the app, please join here*!

*when a friend I referred to weSponsored completes a campaign, I’ll receive a percentage of the campaign payment that they earned.

As of 8/14/2022, I no longer see the Silver status on my profile. This must be a feature that they’ve deactivated.

My weSponsored Sponsorships

These are just a couple of the campaigns that I’ve participated in with weSponsored. You can take a peek at my portfolio here.

weSponsored Ontel EverBlade Self Sharpening Knife

Ontel EverBlade Self Sharpening Knife

I received an email that I was accepted into the campaign.

weSponsored email accepted into camapign knife

I opened the app and clicked on the accepted campaign. I was given a card number with an expiration date to add to my Amazon account. Once it was added, then I found the item to add to my cart. I purchased and received the item within a couple days.

Once I received the item, I completed the closing survey on the weSponsored app.

weSponsored Panasonic technics true wireless earbuds

Panasonic Technics True Wireless Earbuds

I received an email that I was accepted into the campaign.

weSponsored email accepted into camapign earbuds

After I accepted to participate in the campaign, a pre-paid card number is provided with an expiration date to add to my personal Amazon account. Once I added it, I searched the the product to add to my cart. I purchased and received the item within a couple days.

After I received the item, I completed a closing survey on weSponsored. There was no other requirements to complete the campaign.

Panasonic Technics True Wireless Earbuds

Katie Express Water

Express Water Countertop Water Filter System – 8.10.2023

The Express Water ROC001 UV Countertop Water Filter System is an advanced 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration reduces up to 99.99% of impurities, while the UV purification stage provides an extra level of contaminant removal. Enjoy water free of chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and pharmaceuticals right from your tap. The total cost of the product is $324.74.

The campaign requested 3 product lifestyle images and one video for a total of $20 payout. This campaign required no posting on my own accounts.

weSponsored Earnings

weSponsored Earnings

I was accepted into two campaigns before the end of 2022 that qualified for additional bonuses. Once the content was submitted via the app, the brand had time to review content. They are allowed to ask for some changes, but neither asked me to change any content. Once the brand approves on their end, weSponsored grants the bonuses within my account. I didn’t have to wait for the brand to pay me – the money comes direct from weSponsored.

Both campaigns were worth $15 each. weSponsored sent a request for feedback with an additional bonus of $5 for completing.

As of August 2023, I have participated in eight more campaigns that had a sponsorship bonus for a total of $430.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for product reviews, then weSponsored is a great place to get started. They offer you a prepaid card, so there is nothing coming out of your own wallet to participate in the campaigns (unlike AmbassadHer).

There wasn’t a sponsorship bonus on either of the two campaigns I participated in, so I only received free products. When you’re on the Discover tab of the app, you’ll see that some of the campaigns have an extra monetary bonus for submitting extra content – like posting to Instagram or TikTok. You’ll receive the bonus payment when the campaign ends.

Have you tried weSponsored? What do you think? Join weSponsored here.

If you’re not interested in trying weSponsored, feel free to check out these other influencer marketing platforms.


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4 Responses

    1. Hi Tammy, I haven’t been accepted into any of their product campaigns since December. I am still applying for campaigns every once in a while. They also don’t have a lot of products listed to apply to.

  1. I got accepted for $250 air cleaning device. But I backed out. Because I’m getting not comfortable to use those prepaid cards that app generates. Even tho so far I have done 6 campaigns. But most of the were under $25 and the highest was $45. And so far no companies or Amazon have contacted me. But I’m still not sure about The Whole process. And why this company won’t let me tag them on Instagram tho. So that suspicious.

    1. I enjoy the prepaid cards, but I am quick to remove them from my account. I would rather have them pay for a $250 product, than having to pay out of pocket like I had to do on AmbassadHer. It was never guaranteed that they’d refund you and it took forever to get my money back.

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