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Influencer Marketing Platforms To Earn More Money

Influencer Marketing Platforms To Earn More Money

We all want to make money as a blogger or influencer, right? Try one of these influencer marketing platforms to get started!

When I started this blog, I had no idea how to make money with it. Other than Google Adsense or Mediavine, I honestly thought that you only had to have ads on your website to have income. Once I heard about a few programs from some friends, I started filling out applications for every influencer networks I could find.

How to Find Sponsorship Opportunities with Influencer Marketing Platform

Once you’ve made your decision that seeking out paid sponsorships, your next question is where do you start?

Join a Network

The easiest way to get started is by joining an affiliate or influencer marketing platform. There are a ton of different platforms that you can signup with that connects brands and influencer – each with their own pros and cons. Below you’ll find all the influencer marketing platforms that I could find and I applied to all of them (if I reached their minimum requirements!)

45 Influencer Marketing Platforms

Acorn Influence

Acorn works with all different kinds of brands, products, and companies that want you to promote them. You fill out your profile and then wait to be invited to a campaign. I have signed up and created my profile, but have yet to have been chosen for any campaigns. I checked on their blog and they haven’t posted since 2018, so this platform might be dead.


Minimum followers: 1000

I was applying for campaigns this summer, but was never selected for one. In November, I started cleaning up my Instagram followers by removing the dead weight to improve my engagement rates. I accidentally fell below the 1000 threshold and can not participate at this time.


Minimum followers: 1000

Browse through thousands of premium branded offers to promote on your Instagram channel, and never miss an opportunity to generate great revenues. I do not meet the minimum requirements at this time in order to apply!


AmbassadHer is a platform of people who get “rewarded” for various activities including product exchange for reviews. There are a lot of items to choose from, so whatever you niche is you can find something. It is free to join and only $2.99/month to become an all-access member. Their FAQ states that they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t participate or find an opportunity during the month.

I have been using this platform for a couple months. I think it’s very easy to use. I have completed three campaigns so far. They have different requirements for their campaigns like provide honest feedback on products, create content for brands to use, or post on social media. Their emails state that payout should happen in “*net 14,” butI have yet to receive payment at the time this post was written.

You can read my long review here: Is AmbassadHer legit?


AspireIQ is a platform with over 400 brands. If you’re interested in a campaign, you can let the brand know by sending in a proposal. While you’re waiting for the brand to review your proposal, you will be able to directly message them via the platform with your ideas or questions you may have.

As a new influencer on the platform, you have the option to reach out to only 5 brands until you receive your first review. Otherwise you’ll need to wait for a brand to contact you. I have reached out to five brands, but have not heard back about the opportunities.


Beautypass is the largest community of fashion models in the world. We are in every fashion capital on five continents. You will enjoy access to thousands of offers and experiences every week from the latest and hottest businesses around.

Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand works with brands help them generate brand awareness, create original content, sample products, visit places, run contests, amplify content, shoot video by the hands of influencers. They boast that they have a network of 40K+ influencers. When I signed up, I had about seven opportunities available to apply for, but there were several that I didn’t meet the state requirements. I also wasn’t interested in some of the opportunities.


Join over 30,000 Influencers & Creators receiving weekly opportunities for free products, paid posts, discounts & more. Develop relationships with brands while building your audience. Get free products to review and show off or monetize your blog.

The account setup was easy and I was accepted right away. There are campaigns that are for creators living in the US and Canada – each are marked with the country’s flag. So you cannot apply for the ones where you do not live. They do send emails when there is a new campaign available to apply to. This is what the BrandBacker emails look like:

BrandBacker Email

When I filled out my profile I had to list how much I charge to create a post, yet all the campaigns seem to be only “free products” in exchange for an Instagram post. They even have a megaphone icon with the words “channel exposure”, eh. Here is one of the campaigns look like on the backend.


I was not impressed with this influencer marketing platform.


CLEVER is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They handle all aspects of influencer programs from start to finish. They work authentically and transparently with influencers and they can create exceptional content to tell meaningful brand stories. I’ve been sent one opportunity to apply for, but I was not interested in the brand.


With hundreds of brands spanning across beauty, fashion, food/beverage, and more, Cohley is more than just a content creation platform. They’re a platform that allows you access to awesome opportunities like paid social collaborations, review campaigns, paid photography campaigns and more. There used to be a $25 fee for joining, but I was able to go through the application process without paying.


Collabstr is a marketplace to find and hire influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. You can easily search through thousands of content creators and pay them directly through Collabstr.


Collectively is an award-winning social influence company that brings together bespoke services with our industry’s most innovative technology.


Crowdtap is a free app that allows you to complete surveys. If you complete enough surveys to gain at least 1,000 points, those points are then redeemable for a $5 gift card.

This one seems like a lot of work. The initial survey on signing up only earned me 22 points, but some surveys were worth 60 points and others were worth 3 points. I’ve done surveys in the past and it was quite time consuming, so I’m not sure if this is the right platform for me at this time. I stuck with it and it took about 45 minutes to get to 1,000 points.

Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence is an influencer marketing solution platform that allows brands to identify influencers, launch campaigns, track performance and report results. They also have a Managed Services team of veteran marketers to execute a brand’s campaign.

They do send emails for surveys to help determine if your profile will match an opportunity.

Find Your Influence Email

I have had a couple opportunities available, but have not heard back. The requirements and “content” direction included in the opportunity was lengthy for a product exchange (no compensation). Here is what one campaign looks like for a product exchange:

find your influence campaign


FOHR allows you to create a visual portfolio summarizing your stats, showcasing your content, and analyzing your activity of your social media accounts. They also have an easy way to download your profile into a press kit. This is helpful when you are pitching brands because your profile is constantly updated with the latest information. You can also share a link to your profile. This platform doesn’t contain actual pitching opportunities, but is a helpful tool to share your stats and content when you are ready to pitch brands.

Get Blogged

With Get Blogged, they promise to help you grow your business online, attract consumers, and increase sales of your products and services with link building and blogger outreach to help you achieve your SEO goals. Brands, link builders, and marketing agencies say goodbye to bloated budgets, complicated contracts, and endless hours sending outreach emails because Get Blogged sends an email digest of various opportunities to apply for.

I’ve submitted a pitch, but haven’t heard back yet. They list the pricing on the marketplace offers which is nice because you know what opportunity is worth it for you. If you get paid it is through Paypal – which has a fee, but also Get Blogged takes a 12.5% fee as well.


With Heartbeat you can discover brands and apply to post for them on TikTok or Instagram. If you’re selected, then they will send you the instructions on posting. Brands either offer free product or money. Your pay rate is determined by number of followers, engagement rate, and number of completed Heartbeat campaigns. The payments were low at $3 on the opportunities available to me based on my profile.

Influencer Central

Influencer Central is a platform that allows you to fill out a profile. Their system will only show you opportunities that match your profile details, so it’s best if you fill it out fully. They send opportunities via email when they become available. I was only shown one opportunity, but was not interested.

Influence Central

I received the email above on March 14, 2022 stating that they are restructuring their business and how they deal with brands.

InfluencerHer Collective

InfluencerHer Collective by Her Campus connects brands with their community of millennial and gen Z influencers and bloggers. If you’re a match for an upcoming brand partnership then you’ll receive an email inviting you to apply for the opportunity. They also have a members only Facebook group.


Influenster exists to help you find your next favorite thing. Tell them a little about yourself, and they’ll help you find products and articles you’ll love. You’ll also receive samples from brands you love delivered right to your door (VoxBox).

I created my account so long ago that it’s on hold due to inactivity. I wasn’t sure of the process to get it resolved, so I signed up for a new account. I had issues connecting to Youtube and Pinterest and displaying the badge on my website. I filled out my profile as best as I could and then began reviewing a few products. I earned a couple badges so far and have been offered one product campaign.


The most successful creators on our platform are passionate about creating first-class content. They look and speak authentically on camera. Plus, they have a track record of engaging an audience with their content and professional communication skills.


With IZEA, you can create a free profile and get the opportunity to partner with industry-leading food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. There were thirteen opportunities when I logged in, but most of them were for various “vitamin” and detox brands. They had Youtube and Instagram opportunities available to bid on. I put a bid in on Airborne gummy vitamins that required three pieces of content to test out the experience.


July, an app for creators to pitch themselves to brands, released an AI-based contract analyzer for creators that instantly summarizes deliverables and deals, and allows users to ask questions about a brand deal like payment terms. It’s the only platform that automates brand deals, so you can focus on creating great content.


Minimum followers: 2500

Linqia’s brands and their agencies with seamless execution from influencer selection on their platform while delivering real time results. Linqia believes in connecting influencers with the best brands for their audience, so it never feels forced or compromises your integrity as a creator. Linqia pays out in 10 days or less. You must be located in North America.


With Localfluence you can get free or discounted food, products & services from local businesses in exchange for leaving a social post or online review about your experience. The offers depend on where you’re located. Since I moved, the offers have been very limited in my area. This platform is good if you are in a large city.


Markerly analyzes your post history and audience to match you with brands you already love or will introduce you to products and services that are a fit with your current interests. The requirements to become an influencer is that you must have a proven track record including consistently posting as well as consistent follower growth. In order to join, you have to fill out a contact form and wait to hear back from the company within 48 hours. I have not heard back.


Brands use the Mavrck platform to easily discover and identify influencers to partner with, and search the Mavrck Index base using demographic information, content category, or personal preferences. To be considered for brand campaigns by connecting your social accounts and completing your profile, but you have to wait to hear back from the company to be accepted. I have not heard back.


Obviously works with all influencers from nano to mega. Obviously knows the value of niche communities and can find a brand partner tailored to your audience.

Open Influence

Open Influence kind of works like FOHR in that you create a profile and connect your social media accounts. The company keeps you in their database and if a campaign has what they’re looking for, then they’ll reach out to you. There isn’t a way to search campaigns or apply because I keep getting 500 errors. I also have errors when trying to connect Youtube or Pinterest accounts.


Minimum followers: 5000

Hashtag Paid is platform that connects content creators with brands. I do not meet the minimum requirement to review the service or comment on the process.


Palm is a creator agency, UGC studio, and a digital platform helping you navigate the social media landscape – by matching brands and creators. The destination to partner with feel-good brands. Their experience spans the following categories — skincare and beauty, CBD, fashion, wellness, women’s health, food and beverage, (eco) home, sustainability.


For bloggers who have over 20,000 views per month on their blog. Limited opportunities. Rates are on the low side. This one seemed outdated because they requested Google+ profile and Klout score. I have not heard back since applying. Their last blog post is dated April 20, 2020 so this might be done.


Quotient connects their content partners with the brands you love to create high quality, high performance sponsored content. There were only two opportunities when I logged in – specifically for Neutrogena Cosmetics – but their application required 50K followers. They share trend data inside their platform. Also all Sponsored Content posts are amplified with Paid Media—driving high volumes of traffic back to your site and social channels, which makes this platform unique in that sense.

Pinch Me


Pinch Me offers new and exciting samples each month to their members. You receive free samples in exchange for honest feedback. The more feedback you receive the more “coins” added into your account. You then have the ability to redeem your coins for other samples.

You do receive emails sometimes, but they ask you to check back daily. Here is an example of their emails:

PinchMe Email

I joined and was able to select two boxes on 12/16/2021. It says that I will not have any more opportunities until 1/18/2021. It says to allow 2-4 weeks for shipping so I haven’t received anything as of posting this.

Popular Pays

Minimum followers: 5000

Popular Pays is a platform for collaborating with creators and influencers. You can join and still participate with some opportunities, but you need at least 5K followers in order to be able to search on their platform. I have product exchange opportunities available to me.


Reachbird is an influencer platform for creative people and influencers. You can find attractive and professional collaborations with brands and carry them out with minimal organizational effort. It’s 100% free and without any monthly fee. Reachbird only receives a commission for successful placements. Registration only takes 5 minutes.


Scrunch offers you a suite of tools to grow your business. They offer an automated media kit generator, audience insights, templates and resources.

She Media

The SHE Media Partner Network community is comprised of 5K+ curated creators who develop content that inspires, enriches and influences friends, fans and followers. They connect publishers with advertisers through programmatic ad buying, direct brand buying, and exclusive deals. I am currently in the application and setup process.

The Shelf

The Shelf is a full-service influencer marketing agency with our own proprietary SaaS platform to plan, execute, manage, and optimize creative, strategic influencer campaigns.

Smiley 360

With Smiley 360 you can try products for free and share your feedback. They send you “missions” that you have to complete. These can be product reviews or surveys. Missions are designed to match your lifestyle and interests, so you’ll receive experiences best suited for you. Here is what the interface looks like:

Smiley 360

And an example of one of the emails:

smiley360 email

I tried the one campaign available to me. I went to Walmart to purchase the product. I had to share a photo of my receipt on the campaign listing. Then I had to leave feedback on the product on Walmart’s website and share a screenshot of my review with the campaign. Afterward, I was reimbursed for the cost of the product.

Smiley360 Won a Gift Card

I was also entered into a drawing for completing the campaign. And I found out about one month later that I won a $100 Amazon gift card!

Soapbox Influence

Soapbox Influence connect brands to influencers crafting authentic conversations leading to brand awareness, activation and conversion. I have applied to one campaign, but have not heard back. There are not that many opportunities available on my feed.

Social Fabric

Social Fabric

Minimum followers: 1000

Social Fabric is a community of creators making authentic content across blogs and social. The minimum follower count can be stretched across all your accounts, so if you have 800 on Instagram and 200 on Facebook, then you can join. I have an account, but there are no opportunities available to me. I’m not sure if there is a process to reach out or if my account hasn’t been adjusted in their system at this time.

Social Native

With Social Native you can get paid to create epic content for some of your favorite brands. I had three opportunities available to me, but I did not reach the minimum required followers to apply for the campaigns. Each campaign had a different requirement.

The interface of the website isn’t great. It is definitely a mobile app that is also acceptable from a desktop. This is what the interface looks like:

Social Native

One of the opportunities on my dashboard is to create a TikTik video between 10-30 seconds. They offer you very specific guidelines for what they want in the video and even give you “inspirational content”, but they are only offering you $100 payout.

Social Native Campaign
Social Native Campaign
Social Native Campaign

They do send emails when there is a new campaign added, so that is a good feature.

Social Native Campaign

They do need a Business Integration with your Facebook account in order to see your account’s stats. I did not like this experience and there wasn’t an easy way to cancel my account. I unsubscribed from their emails and sent a message through their contact form.

Rating: 👎

Stack Influence

Minimum followers: 100

Stack Influence is a platform for micro-influencers. All you need is 100 followers to get exclusive product testing. Every once in a while I’ll receive an email letting me know that I have an opportunity available. I opt-in to the campaign, purchase the item on Amazon. Once I receive the product, I test and review it, post on Instagram, then submit the link. Once I submit, I am paid for the product via Paypal. It’s a very quick turnaround for payments.


Minimum followers: 3000

Statusphere is an exclusive network of members that receive top products in exchange for social shares. Each month you are matched with products based on your interests, and all you have to do is select “yes” or “no” for each item and you received a Statusbox once per month. I have applied to become a part of the network, but got denied. I have reached out to ask what I can do to become a better candidate, but have not heard back. I reached out one more time and the minimum follower amount is 3000, so I do not qualify for this platform.

Sway Dashboard

On Sway Dashboard you check out the featured Available Campaigns to find out what you’re interested in. Then you can apply to the campaigns if you meet the requirements. I have not found an opportunity that I’m interested in in order to apply. The campaigns offer cash payouts and Sway uses Lumanu.


Takumi is an influencer marketing agency offering creative solutions in all social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. Campaigns are only available on the app. Takumi’s app is available for Apple and Google users, and lets creators match with brands, participate in campaigns, submit content and collect payment. I have created an account, but there are not opportunities available to me.


TapInfluence is a platform that allows brands to find influencers, create, automate, and track campaigns, and pay creators in one place. You can create a free profile and see your estimated monthly earning potential. They want you to join by letting you know that being a content creator can become your full time job…if it isn’t already. Great catchline! I created an account, but I didn’t save the password. I have tried their password reset option, but have not received the email to reset. So I cannot login.


Tribe connects brands & agencies with social media influencers. Influencer content is only available on the app. I have not seen any campaigns that I qualify for based on followers (they are different on each campaign).

Final Thoughts

I hope this helps you get paid for your valuable content! If you have any questions, drop a comment below or DM me on Instagram @hellokinsley and I’ll be happy to help!

Do you know of any other networks I should check out? Drop them in the comments below!

While you’re here, check out some of my other influencer tips:


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