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Stack Influence Review

Stack Influence Review – is Stack Influence Legit?

Join Stack Influence – All you need is an Instagram account with 100+ followers to join our microinfluencer community.

Stack Influence

What is Stack Influence?

Stack Influence is an exclusive influencer platform and community. You will receive personalized social collaboration opportunities every month and get free products from trending brands.

How Does Stack Influence Work?

Micro influencers are compensated with your products. This means social posts reflect genuine, real consumer experiences – resulting in more conversations about your product.

Stack Influence accepts you into a campaign. You purchase the product yourself to try it out. When you complete the social media post for the product with your review, you submit it to the campaign for completion. Once the campaign is complete, then you will receive the campaign payout.

One of the items below ended up costing me more on Amazon than the final campaign payout and I ended up losing money – just a couple of dollars.

My Collaborations with Stack Influencer


Product Cost: $0 (with Amazon rewards points)
Campaign Payout: $16
Profit: $16

This was my first time ever using hair rollers. 😅 And these self grip rollers from Kitsch were so easy to use!


Product Cost: $47.63
Campaign Payout: $43.82
Profit: -$3.81

Adding this rich, creamy peptide night cream moisturizer from DRMTLGY into my skincare routine. It helps soften the appearance of signs of agin and repairs damaged skin.

Peptides, ceramides, and antioxidants help improve the appearance of fine lines and dry or dull skin. My favorite part is that it comes fragrance free and feels like silk across my sensitive skin. This cream is also lightweight and has major hydration power, so I wake up the next morning looking hydrated, bright and fresh.


Product Cost: $0 (with Amazon rewards points)
Campaign Payout: $33
Profit: $33

Energy + Focus + Protein = Soylent. Soylent is a plant-based protein drink filled with nootropics. I love l-tyrosine – a supplement that supports mental alertness – and this drink has it! It also has b vitamins, caffeine and l-theanine.


Product Cost: $0 (with Amazon rewards points)
Campaign Payout: $32
Profit: $32

What’s your go-to after a workout? I’ve always downed a protein shake. And today I got to try out @kos Chocolate Chip Mint Organic plant based Protein Mix and started my day with 20 grams of protein! KOS offers an assortment of plant-based energy products and many other flavors.

Magic Spoon Cereal

Product Cost: $26.99
Campaign Payout: $29
Profit: $2.01

I’m so excited that Magic Spoon Cereal created these to-go cups of their cereal. It was perfect for getting in our truck this morning and waiting in line to get into the event!

Is Stack Influence Legit?

Total Profit: $79.20

The last post was from December 2021 and I haven’t had any more campaigns from Stack Influence since then. I have tried to reapply for their program, but I Haven’t heard back from support or been accepted again.

As far as I know I completed each campaign to their approval, but the emails stopped coming to my inbox for future collaborations. As far as I can tell it is still active. You can try to join Stack Influence here.

If you’re interested in receiving products for review, I recommend trying out AmbassadHer or weSponsored. Or you can review a bunch of other influencer marketing platforms to join.


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  1. Thank you for this review. I head about stack influence but as a new fashion brand, we’re trying to be super careful without being cheap with our ad spend.

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