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AmbassadHer Review – Is AmbassadHer Legit?

Earlier this year I wrote a post about Influencer Marketing Platforms To Earn More Money. One of the companies I wrote about is AmbassadHer, which I’ve been using for around six months.

What is AmbassadHer?

AmbassadHer is an influencer marketing platform of over 650,000 members who are rewarded for being themselves.

AmbassadHer members get rewarded for posting on social media about products they love as well as performing other tasks like reviewing and providing feedback for brands. Work with new, upcoming-and-coming brands as well as established brands such as Airbnb and Febreeze.

How does AmbassadHer work?

AmbassadHer introduces its members to brands they love and provides the opportunity for them to earn rewards by completing tasks such as posting on instagram or leaving a real review on a third-party website. They believe real people have true influence online and work to find the most authentic people to represent their brand partners. Follower counts and other traditional metrics are not as important in their community.

Become an AmbassadHer All-Access Member

For $2.99 per month you can apply to become an AmbassadHer All-Access member.

Unlimited applications: All-Access Members can apply to every opportunity on the site while only about 1/3 are open to everyone else.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not enrolled in an opportunity in any given month, just send them a quick email and they will provide a refund!

Early + Priority Enrollment: All-Access Members receive early-access to apply to opportunities as well as priority over everyone else when campaigns have more than enough qualified applicants.

AmbassadHer Campaigns

Here’s one example of a campaign that I’m working on within the AmbassadHer platform. When you review all the opportunities, you will scroll to view the products available at that time. This is a campaign about OWYN Protein Shakes.

AmbasaddHer Opportunity

When I click “Learn more,” I’m taken to the campaign’s opportunity brief. Each product has different requirements, so it’s good to review the opportunity brief before applying.

AmbasaddHer Opportunity brief

OWYN Protein Shakes opportunity brief: “You’re in! Please read the instructions below carefully. If you have any questions, or cannot complete this opportunity, please e-mail with the subject line “OWYN Opportunity.”

You have 5 days from receiving product to post to Instagram.

Accepted Enrollment Email

AmbasaddHer Enrollment Email

Step 1

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 1

For this specific campaign, I received a product sent direct to my house (they keep an address on file for this purpose).

Step 2

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 2

Waiting to receive the product and inspecting for damage.

Step 3

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 3

Writing your content for your social media post.

Step 4

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 4

Submitting your content for approval

Step 5

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 5

Posting your content.

Step 6

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Step 6

Final Collaboration Instagram Post

AmbassadHer Successful Campaign Completion

AmbasaddHer Opportunity Complete

From enrolling in this opportunity and being accepted on April 1, 2022, it wasn’t accepted as successfully complete until April 29, 2022. This opportunity took a total of 29 days to complete.

And there was one caveat with specific campaign (each one is different). The company sent the product to me, then I received an email that they sent the wrong flavor… So I had to wait to receive the correct product in the mail and that took an extra week.

AmbassadHer Payments

The AmbassadHer payments for completing various opportunities has been widely different each time. Their standard terms for payments are “net 14”. This means that after you have successfully completed an opportunity they have 14 business days to send you payment.

Stripe: Upon approval of final submission, you will receive payment via STRIPE based on AmbassadHer’s payment terms. They have a help article about setting up your Stripe account. If they don’t have Stripe working correctly, then I receive payments via Venmo.

The total amount of money or “rewards” I’ve received so far from eleven campaigns is $311.

Is AmbassadHer legit?

Yes, AmbassadHer is a legit influencer marketing platform. I have received over ten different products at this time in return for a review on instagram or on a third-party website.

It’s not my favorite platform at this time, but I do not have enough social media followers to join other influencer marketing platforms (most require a minimum of 1,000 followers).

Cons: You purchases upfront (out of pocket) and then they will reimburse you once you complete the campaign. If you’re okay with shelling out $20-50 for a product and wait a month or two, then it’s okay. But if you’re cash strapped to begin with, then their payouts may take too long.

Pros: They work with influencers and brands (large and small) with no minimum requirements. Some opportunities require Instagram posts, Amazon reviews, or website reviews. I even completed an Apple iOS App review for a product.

If you’re interested in other platforms, check out 45 Influencer Marketing Platforms For Influencers To Earn More Money.

If you’re looking to review products, but don’t want to pay out of your pocket first, then try out the weSponsored app. They provide a prepaid card for you to purchase the products.

Update 10/17/2022 – Tortilla Campaign


On Friday, June 24, 2022 I received an email to participate in an almond flour tortillas campaign. I was accepted into the campaign on Monday, June 27 and I ordered the product on Amazon the same day.

I received the tortillas on July 1. I cooked a recipe to showcase the tortillas and take photos/video of the product. I submitted my review on Amazon and it went live on July 5. I completed my end of the campaign by July 7.


AmbassadHer sent an email that the campaign was completed on July 21. They’re supposed to put out in a net 14 schedule – which should be 14 days. I estimate that I should expect to receive payment around August 4.


I didn’t receive payment until August 25, but I only received $38. The payout amount was listed at $46. I emailed support to ask about the rest of the payment.


Support confirmed the wrong payout amount, but I had to follow up again to ask when I will be receiving payment. They responded that I’ve been added to the queue on September 6.


I emailed again to ask when I should be expecting the rest of the campaign’s payment, but they couldn’t tell me a date. They only let me know that I’m “on the list to be paid.”

I finally received a payment of $7 on October 17, but it still wasn’t the full amount. I’m still owed $1. I emailed support acknowledging that I’ve received payment finally, but it was $1 short…


10/18/2022: Support messaged me back that the $45 is the full payout for the campaign and that they’ve paid me in full. Even though I’ve given them a screenshot of the campaign that lists that the total payout is $46. I replied back with another screenshot of the campaign listing. At this point I don’t care about the dollar, I care about the principle of the situation.

Are you working with AmbassadHer? Let me know your experience in the comments below!

If you’re interested in learning more about my trials and errors, you can read more reviews about different influencer marketing platforms.

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34 Responses

  1. I have heard about this platform before and wasn’t sure if I wanted to join! Thank you for sharing your side of it!

  2. Wow, thank you for the info. I’ve never heard about that one before, and am going to check it out! That IG post is amazing, too! My husband would love that product.

  3. Sounds like it has its pros and cons. Sounds perfect for micro influencers but maybe not so much if your looking to make consistent money. I would definitely be interested in learning more about them myself.

    1. Yes, I think it’s a great platform for beginners – or for people who like to try products but don’t want to purchase.

      1. This is a really great and very informative post. I haven’t heard about this before. It has pros and cons.

    1. They have Amazon reviews and third-party website reviews. They also have instagram posts. Each assignment is different!

  4. I’ve not heard of this before. It really does sound interesting. I need to take a closer look myself. The monthly fee is really low it sounds like it’s worth trying out.

  5. I stumbled across your blog while looking for ambassadher reviews, because I am experiencing a similar situation as you recently did! I have several campaigns that have been completed for two months, and still have not received my payment. I liked the idea of this influencer website, and was even okay with paying for the products upfront. However, I don’t know if I will continue using it until I first get paid for the campaigns I have completed. Hope we both have better experiences in the future!

    1. That’s too bad! I kept having to contact customer service to make sure that they are sending payment. They are not that great in communication. I really enjoy minisocial if you’re looking for another product review website!

  6. They are absolutely not legit. They specify NOT to say we were reimbursed for reviews in any reviews posted. This is against FCC laws. Additionally there are campaigns I completed months ago for which I have yet to be paid despite following all of their stripe set up instructions.

  7. They are a scam company. Surprised not more written about them. They scam us influencers but also heard they scam businesses that pay for their services. Beware and don’t use ambassadher. They still owe me 211 and have now ghosted me. Please I just want to warn other people.

    1. I had to be diligent about following up with each payment, but I eventually received what I was owed (minus that one dollar).

      How are they scamming the companies?

  8. I am glad that I am not the only one who has tried this platform and is also fighting with them over funds. I am currently writing yet another email to ask where my money is and when I will get it. I have read receipts on and they tried to blame me for not replying with my preferred payment method. I not only showed I replied but they read the email.

    1. So sad to hear that they still haven’t improved their payouts! I haven’t used them in quite a while – I’m currently obsessed with weSponsored. I’m surprised that they are still limping along and actively ignoring their people.

  9. I have worked with them and they have not paid me once since I started with them and I have completed multiple campaigns.

      1. Same. I’ve completed many campaigns and have not once received a payment. They stopped responding to emails after I first inquired about this.

  10. I have been waiting for them to pay me anything for 2 months now- stay away this is a scam company!

  11. Ex customer of Ambassadher here,

    Can confirm, this outfit is a total scam. The owner Jim Mulhearn is an absolute parasite and scammer. He basically take large up front cash retainers from his customers, then doesn’t deliver as agreed, then threatens legal action. He is basically a fake review broker, primarily to Amazon brands.

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