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How to Create an Influencer Media Kit

Katie Kinsley

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit a document that influencers and creators share with brands when discussing collaborations. It’s essentially telling the brand “this is me and this is what I do.” Brands can look at this quick list to see if you’re a good fit to work together.

Why do I need a Media Kit?

If you’re going to be pitching brands, a media kit helps them see the potential of working with you.

Here is an example of my media kit:

katie kinsley media kit

What should I put in my Media Kit?

  • Bio – Talk about who you are, what you do, and your purpose.
  • Website – If you have a website, make sure to include it along with your metrics such as monthly pageviews, audience demographics and most popular posts.
  • Audience Metrics and Demographics – If social media is more up your alley, then you’ll want to include facts about your audience. A brand will want to know where a majority of your audience is located and whether your content reaches women or men (and what age ranges).
  • Contact Information – Always include a way for a brand to reach back out to you.
  • List of Services
  • Optional: Pay Rates – I don’t recommend adding your rates to your media kit. When you’re pitching a brand, you might be doing yourself a huge disservice.
  • Previous Collaborations – I listed mine by category, but you could also feature your most recognized brands. I also have a portfolio section created on my website for an easy to share link.

How to create a Media Kit

The easiest way to create a media kit is to use Canva. They have a ton of templates for you to use if you’re in a hurry. Plus it’s free!

Canva Media Kit Templates

You can also purchase templates on Etsy. They vary by price, design and amount of pages.


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