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Most Popular Posts 2022

Let’s dive into the most popular posts 2022 – Happy New Year! 2023 should bring us more wisdom as we reset, rest and plan for the upcoming year.

I love the new year. It’s the feeling of opening a new calendar and starting a new journal that brings on the euphoria. And her’s another reminder that a new planner will not change who you are… I love buying a new planner, but I always misplace it or forget where I’ve put it, haha.

The new year is a time to look at everything in entirety. It’s time to look at the full benchmark and make decisions about what comes next. And it’s all from my love of marketing. I believe that you cannot make good decisions unless you have data to back it up. And so here’ are my most popular posts of 2022:

Most Popular Posts 2022 by Pageviews

  1. weSponsored Review – Is weSponsored Legit? – 2,531
  2. Dog Swim Days 2022 in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex – 1,295
  3. AmbassadHer Review – Is AmbassadHer Legit? – 923
  4. 5 Ways to Display Your Disney Pin Collection – 778
  5. Homepage – 690
  6. The Top Four Trackless Rides at Disney World – 621
  7. Landing Page or Linktree? Make Your Instagram Link in Bio Count – 487
  8. 45 Influencer Marketing Platforms For Influencers To Earn More Money – 471
  9. FabFitFun Winter 2021 Box Review – 295
  10. Claim Your Website on Pinterest: A Tutorial – 210
  11. My Journey to Fit-ish: How I lost 9.4 Pounds in 3 Months – 157

As soon as the AmbassadHer review started growing in traffic, I knew I had to start doing in-depth reviews of some of the other platforms I’ve been trying out. And so far the weSponsored post is doing the best. Have you been using it? How do you like it?

Since my Disney posts are pretty high on traffic that should give me cause to plan other types of Disney related posts that I could add on my blog. The landing page or linktree has been on my hit list to improve the SEO and readability.

Most Popular Posts 2022 by Average Time on Page

  1. Ideal Morning Routine During the Work Week – 00:26:37
  2. Holiday Finds | Currently Shopping – 00:22:20
  3. How to Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 With GTM [TUTORIAL] – 00:22:06
  4. Breakfast Taco Egg Muffins – 00:18:00
  5. The 24 Books I Read in 2021’s Third Quarter – 00:16:04
  6. Home Office Update | Midcentury Modern Inspired Office – 00:14:34
  7. Google Analytics Reporting Overview – 00:14:23
  8. June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! – 00:14:05
  9. Kitchen Pantry Inspiration to Upgrade Your Space – 00:13:38
  10. FabFitFun Fall 2021 Box is Full of Goodies Box Is Full of Goodies – 00:12:21

I like to see that some of your are as obsessed with having a morning routine during the work we as I am. It took me a while to plan that out and put it into a habit. The rest of the posts are just a crazy jumble of categories, but interesting to see what people are actually reading/reviewing!

How was your 2022 in blogging?


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