Find Your Blogging Tribe: Top Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Find Your Blogging Tribe: Top Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Facebook groups for bloggers and influencers are not one in a million these days. I’ve been involved in several groups for many years. Each group provides a different goal I’m working on with my own blog.

As part of my #22in2022 goals, I want to be actively engaging my content with others. I needed to find other ways to get my content in front of more people.

I joined 10 different Facebook groups. Now, don’t join go joining all of the groups at once! You’ll get overwhelmed like I did. I took my time trying out different groups to see if I could learn some valuable takeaways or connect with new bloggers.

Why should I join these Facebook Groups for Bloggers?

If you want an opportunity to learn more about blogging or influencing, then groups might be more up your alley. If you tried to search for “blogging 101” or “how to start a blog”, then a couple of the groups below might satisfy your search!

If you’re brand new, then you might not even know what to ask. You’ll be able to see what other people’s pain points are when they ask questions.

10 Facebook Groups for Bloggers

1. Awesome Bloggers


Awesome Bloggers has daily engagement threads for you to participate in in order to boost your blog and social media visibility. They post daily threads and, if you participate, you must be finish before you can join a new thread the following day. They are very quick to remove spammy members and call you out if you don’t finished a thread. The group has over 6K members.

Facebook Group Awesome Bloggers

Join Awesome Bloggers!

2. Blogger Education Network – Learn How to Blog

Blogger Education Network - Learn How to Blog

Blogger Education Network is a welcoming space for all bloggers! Whether you are starting your blog today or have been blogging for years, you will be able to connect with and learn more about how to turn your idea into a profitable blogging business.

Join Blogger Education Network

3. Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a Blogger is designed to help bloggers start and grow their blogging business and make money working from home. You are welcome here even if you haven’t started your blog yet!

I think this is one of my most active blogging groups. 376 posts in the past month and 12 new today. If you’re following the group, then you’ll see these posts in your feed. It’s an easy way to stay engaged! It is also a growing group and you can tell that other bloggers find this group to be helpful.

Becoming a Blogger

Join Becoming a Blogger!

4. Bloggers Camp

bloggers camp

Blogger’s Camp is a collaborative community for bloggers to connect and inspire each other. They offer daily threads that you can participate in and share your content. This is a good promo group.

If you want to begin starting off in a daily thread, then this group one has one thread per day to join – each day has a different theme. If you’re just starting off, then this might be easier to participate in than the threads that Awesome Bloggers post daily.

Join Bloggers Camp!

5. Blogging Opportunity Community

Blogging Opportunity Community

Blogging Opportunity Community an exclusive group to find out about blogging and brand collaboration opportunities. Originally started by Get Blogged the group is now open to other specially selected outreach companies offering our members fantastic opportunities to collaborate and earn.

Join Blogging Opportunity Community!

6. The Smart Blogging Approach

The Smart Blogging Approach

The Smart Blogging Approach is a free social learning group hosted by Ana of to help bloggers connect with each other, learn and grow their blogs strategically. The main purpose of this group is to share tips, offer feedback, have discussions and foster collaboration.

Join The Smart Blogging Approach!

7. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

The Bloggers Supporting Bloggers group is a place to ask questions, share knowledge, make connections, and pass along opportunities that may not be the right fit for you. Started by Jasamine from helping you grow your blog to the fullest potential.

I’m not sure why the posting is temporarily paused in the group (in the screenshot above), but you can still participate in the daily threads.

Join Bloggers Supporting Bloggers!

8. Blogging Boss Chicks

Blogging Boss Chicks

Blogging Boss Chicks is a group hosted by Ashley Cooper of The group was created for bloggers, and soon to be bloggers of all niches. The group’s main goal is to help one another promote our blogs in a respectful environment, as well as seek help and advice from one another.

There are daily threads, but members are allowed to post that they’re looking for help or trying to find others in their own industry!

Join Blogging Boss Chicks!

9. Blogging Babes Collective

Blogging Babes Collective

Blogging Babes Collective s a group for new, beginner bloggers who want to work together collaboratively to build their blogs and to support their fellow blogging babes. You don’t need to have a blog to join.

Join Blogging Babes Collective

10. Blogging for New Bloggers with Lucrezia and Marina

Blogging for New Bloggers

Blogging for New Bloggers is a learning group hosted by Lucrezia & Marina of and They help new bloggers start and run a successful blog and make money blogging! You will get actionable tips on how to blog profitably and legally. The main purpose of this group is to share tips, offer feedback, have discussions and foster collaboration.

Join Blogging for New Bloggers

Don’t be afraid to join multiple Facebook groups!

You are going to learn something different with each group you join because they’re going to be full of many different types of bloggers. Each of you will have a unique lens on what blogging encompasses.

Do you find Facebook groups useful?

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite groups are!



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