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A Review of My #22in2022 Goals

A Review of My #22in2022 Goals

Last January I set my #22in2022 goals, but I realized half way through the year that not all of them were SMART goals.

In August, I reassessed my goals overall. Here’s my updates and what I’ve learned along the way.

#22in2022: 22 Goals in 2022

  1. Gratitude Jar: I used this some of the year, but I didn’t use it very much. During the summer I tried to use a notebook to make a daily 3-item gratitude list, but I didn’t keep that up too. I am, however, very glad that I tried to focus on the positive even if this method didn’t prove good for me in the long run. It helped me when I was really down.
  2. Read 50 books: I read 63 books total!
  3. Write 10 Blog Posts per month: This goal proved too much for me, but I did write 94 total.
  4. Create welcome email series: I crossed this one off the list.
  5. Rebrand the website: I tried to outsource this, but the designer hasn’t gotten anywhere with the project.
  6. Develop project outline for #confidenceismore: I crossed this one off the list.
  7. Promote my blog in engagement groups at least once per week: I stopped this about halfway through. It was draining me out.
  8. Have at least one sponsored blog or Instagram post per month: While I didn’t have one every month, I had a lot more opportunities!
  9. Grow my LTK commission by 10%: I grew by 422.09%.
  10. Complete 12 DIY projects: I haven’t fully looked into all my projects!
  11. Pantry Upgrade: We still haven’t hired an electrician, so this project isn’t complete yet.
  12. Complete 6 pieces of art: I painted one canvas this summer, but I never finished it.
  13. Create a Capsule Collection for my clothes: I created one for the fall season.
  14. Travel somewhere new: Zack and I traveled to Disney World and Caddo Lake. My mom and I went to Hawaii.
  15. Complete each monthly iFit challenge: Completed!
  16. Complete 1 iFit live class per month: I crossed this one off the list.
  17. Lose 10 pounds by March 31: I was doing really well with my fitness schedule throughout the summer, but October hit and I stopped being consistent. Then November came and went along with a lot of work stress.
  18. Pay off car note: Complete
  19. Pay off truck note: This one is moved to 2023!
  20. Roll over 401K: Complete!
  21. Go on more dates: This one wasn’t a SMART goal, so I had no baseline.
  22. Drink less: This one wasn’t a SMART goal, so I had no baseline.

Did you reach all your goals in 2022? I had a lot going on here. For 2023, I want to simplify my list of goals. Be on the lookout for the new list of goals!



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