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2020 was, you know, quite the year. I had very great intentions in the very beginning. I was working hard on growing my photography side hustle every weekend. Much like this title #21in2021, I was well off on my way to accomplish my #20in2020.

  1. Read 3-4 books per month: I have already read three books in January, so I’m quite on the way. This would amount to between 36-48 books for the entire year. For the Goodreads Challenge I listed 40 as my target goal. I even went to half-price books in January and picked up about 10 books to get myself started!
  2. Purchase a house: If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen some photos about our plot of land. We have signed a contract on a new build that is scheduled to be done at the end of April. I plan on writing a post about our home search and why we chose to go with a new build at a later date. You can also follow along and view my stories about the build as it happens!
  3. Drink more water: I’ve been successfully consuming 1 gallon of water a day this year. I only missed out on two days in January.
  4. Do more DIYs: This one should be relatively easy once we move into our new house because there’s going to be room to do projects! I have a lot of ideas and I’m building up a list.
  5. Take more photos: As long as I’m creating DIYs and art, then I plan on taking more photos. Even with the small day-to-day activities, I want to produce more evidence of memories.
  6. Ask for help: At the end of the day, what I don’t know I don’t know. I need to push myself to ask for help when I don’t know what to do.
  7. Pay off debts: Even though we’re buying a house, I only have about $10K left on my car note and would like to pay that off. Then, over the next five years, I want to get my student loans paid off.
  8. Learn new skills: I think I spent about sixteen hours this week watching SkillShare to learn how to use Notion.
  9. Get organized: I watched videos on how to get organized with Notion, so I want to get my life organized with Notion. This article is not an ad for Notion, haha. Notion
  10. Really get into Notion: I have so many ideas, but I need to take the time to learn the software first.
  11. Create more art: If I plan on creating one piece per month, I should be able to make more than I did in 2020. You can check that out here.
  12. Travel: I know I’m not supposed to travel, so I don’t think it will be anywhere extravagant, but maybe a vacation to the woods would time well spent. My friend’s bachelorette party is going to be at a cabin in Oklahoma in March, so I do have one trip planned. My sister also gifted us a Texas State Parks pass, so we want to plane a couple of trips to some parks this year.
  13. Visit Family: My dad has a visit to us planned for May, so I will get to see him this spring. I haven’t seen my nephew, sister or mom since Zack and I drove home for Labor Day weekend. I hope that I can get to see him again before he turns 1!
  14. Get back into fitness: I quit my gym in December (after not going since March of 2020), but I miss it. I miss the challenge. I’m not good at working out in my apartment and I don’t want to use the gym we have at our complex. We have a treadmill picked out for our future home gym, but we need to move in first 🙂
  15. Dinner with Friends: Once we get into the house, I will finally have space to invite people over for dinner. I can’t remember the last time I had a guest in our apartment.
  16. Start a gratitude journal: I have started setting this up in Notion, but haven’t started using it yet.
  17. Create an office I love: Our new house will have three bedrooms, so I plan on turning one of the rooms into an office. So my plan is to create a space that I love sitting in instead of my tiny little room with no windows.
  18. Work on morning routine: Again, I have started creating a list of “my ideal morning” to help flesh out the idea of a morning routine. I also discovered techniques on how to train your hair so you don’t have to wash your hair everyday. So I bought some new hair products to try it out.
  19. Declutter: I spent January working on the Apartment Therapy guide to decluttering. So, when we start packing, I want to get rid of furniture that we don’t like (like our couch and end tables). Also, during the packing, I’ll be able to touch everything to consider decluttering.
  20. Revisit Career goals: Since I work with nonprofit organizations, I want to get the CFRE. I’ve been working on my application over the winter break. I need to find some books at my local library so I can start studying.
  21. Take care of my plant: I’ve had my plant for about a year and a half. It’s a sad-looking little f*cker. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for bringing him back to healthy? 2021 02 05 16.59.20 e1612566133865

What are your goals for 2021?

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19 Responses

  1. I have taken up a much more strenuous workout routine with my husband and have lost inches and weight. I still want the pandemic to end so everyone get vaccinated.

    1. I have been working out a lot more! I was aggressive in january, but that quickly faded. In May I stared getting it on a more routine schedule.

  2. My biggest goal for 2021 is to make sure my clothing line explodes! I’ve been working on it for months, now.

  3. Love your goals! I don’t have much, but the top priority right now is to stay healthy and safe from the virus. I am currently learning a new language and taking courses to be more adept at excel worksheets.

  4. I don’t have specific goals for 2021. I would like to improve myself and to spend more time with my family!

  5. Those are some great goals. I think 2020 was bad for all of us. I know I didn’t really get to do all I wanted either.

  6. Sounds like you are well on your way to hit your goals. That DIY room sounds awesome, I can’t wait to see what you create.

  7. Loads of great goals. I have been trying to drink more water too. It’s not always easy to do.

  8. These are wonderful goals, and it is nice to review them as well. I am all about lists, and this is a great way to track progress.

  9. You are so oraganized. In terms of setting up goals, I am really good. However when comes to implement I am not that great. Thanks for the list I need to work on the part which lack.

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