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Monthly Life Update: July 2022

Monthly Life Update: July 2022

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

After being sick for most of June, I was really down. I couldn’t find the will to post on social and I didn’t really see the need to. This month I got to go to a pool party with DSI and then another pool party with my friend Rachael. Zack went on another work trip out of town and we went on a weekend trip with the dogs (and we left Potato alone in the house).


We went on a trip to Caddo Lake. It was lovely and there was hardly any cell service. Good for relaxing, but difficult to pull up directions, haha. I also wrote 11 posts this month, which is pretty great.

You can find my original list of my goals here: #22in2022.


I was pretty much doing the bare minimum on social media. I did, however, make a loose plan for myself to post 1 Instagram Reel each day for 30 straight days. And I’ve already posted 12 days straight!

I was lucky enough to attend the Portillo’s Beef Bus when they visited The Colony. I received a free meal and got to see some of my influencer friends!

LTK: July had 579 clicks and $67.72 in open commissions.


I started the rebrand process this month only to be overwhelmed. I asked for recommendations in a Facebook group and received an enormous amount of responses to sift through. It took me about a week to start reaching out for what I want and to ask for pricing. I was so overwhelmed… I personally messaged one person and told her that. She said let’s have a call to see where I am and where I want to go. I booked.

I participated in some engagement groups this month specifically trying for comments on my posts. It’s a lot of work and difficult to keep up, but Instagram doesn’t seem to working for me this summer in gaining connections or growing my following.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. Everything I Ordered From the Nordstrom Fourth of July Sale
  2. Everything I Ordered From the Abercrombie Fourth of July Sale
  3. Everything I Ordered From the American Eagle Fourth of July Sale
  4. Everything I Ordered From the Loft Fourth of July Sale
  5. Swimply – Pool Party with Dallas Social Influencers
  6. How much does a trip to Disney World Cost?
  7. I Posted One Instagram Reel Everyday for 30 Days and Here’s How it Went
  8. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Book Review
  9. Dog Swim Days 2022 in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex
  10. July 2022 Reading List – 5 Books
  11. and this 2022 Goals: July Check-in post!


July 2022 Side Hustle Income

July 2022 Transactions

I earned $354.81 through selling clothing on Poshmark and one random item on eBay. I also received a credit for the collaborations I worked on. My expenses this month was for the Splice video editing app for $75.76. My net income for the month is $279.05!

Join me on Poshmark — my favorite app to buy & sell fashion and more. You’ll save up to 70% off of top brands! For a limited time, use my code HELLOKINSLEY to save $10:


I painted over the Fourth of July weekend…the entire weekend. I ran myself ragged, but I wanted to finish up the spare bedroom. Like 100% finish it so that I could move on. I’m so over this project.

Now I only have the master bedroom and the laundry room to finish up, but I put the paint away. I need time away from that project.


I improved so much and stacked on miles compared to what I could do while I was sick last month. I finished round 6 of the Bora Bora Bootcamp series that I started in June. I completed the Road Trip National Parks Walking Challenge, which had way more inclines that I would’ve liked to do.

Total Miles: 48.3
Total Hours: 13:07:14
Total Workouts: 27


I’ve read 36 books so far this year! That’s 72% of my goal.

I went off the deep end a little bit because of the nuisance of our neighbor’s dogs again, but I tried to research other ways to solve the noise problems. I installed noise reduction curtains, but they do not help. Zack installed plexiglass over the windows in the living room, but that doesn’t help either. Another tip I read is to have more art on the walls to reduce the amount of echos in a room.

I purchased three canvases and paint from Hobby Lobby this month with the intent of painting. I also purchased a really pretty piece of decor that is made of yarn, which has to absorb some sounds!


I got the covid antibodies test this month. I never thought that I got it after going to Disney, but they test said I was positive. Yikes. I had it and didn’t even know it! That explains it.



Katie Kinsley

Katie Kinsley

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