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Monthly Life Update: August 2022

Monthly Life Update: August 2022

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

I visited my sister in Milwaukee and got to spend some time with my family. It was so nice to escape the Dallas heat for cooler Wisconsin temps. I felt like I was finally getting over the burnout I felt from June and July, but I have to acknowledge that I can’t do everything myself. I outsourced branding and logo design – which is expensive – but it’s off my plate.


I was sick this month. I feel so far behind. I got angry at myself. I stopped posting on Instagram. Such a rut.

  • COMPLETE! Create a Capsule Collection for my clothes – I tried creating one for fall! I didn’t love half of the items that I purchased, but I tried, haha.

You can find my original list of my goals here: #22in2022.

Reassessing goals

Now that we’re finishing out Q3 (the third quarter of the year), it’s time to be honest with myself and some of my goals. I haven’t sat myself down to begin thinking about creating the #confidenceismore project or creating an email series.

While I’m great at working out and staying motivated for fitness, I have had a hard time joining a live class every month. It’s been difficult to plan because they’re offered at odd times during the day. I’m not planning on keeping this goal for the rest of the year.

Paying off the truck is still on the “want to do” list, but we keep pushing it off. We may or may not make this one by the end of the year, but it will be pushed to 2023!

  • Create welcome email series
  • Develop project outline for #confidenceismore
  • Complete 1 iFit live class per month
  • Pay off truck note


I didn’t have any sponsored content for this month.

LTK: August had 955 clicks and $30.01 in open commissions.

I did try to write reviews of a couple platforms that I’ve been using.


I decided to hire someone to help me with branding and a logo for my blog. I’ve been is such a creative rut this summer that I cannot handle it all myself. I am so lost on design because I will never be happy with what I choose.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. Stack Influence
  2. Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kit
  3. weSponsored
  4. Complete 3-Day Itinerary for Exploring Caddo Lake
  5. Fall Capsule Wardrobe
  6. August 2022 Reading List – 8 Books
  7. and this Monthly Life Update: August 2022!


August 2022 Side Hustle Income

August 2022 Transactions

I invested this month into hiring a brand designer. I only paid half of the fee this month, but it’s an investment for myself and this website. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

My expenses are $1100 and my income is $262.43. I’m negative $837.57.


I feel like I’m finally picking up pace again. Last month I ran/walked 48.3 and this month I did a few miles more. I’m almost back at it every day and I’ve been so much better about icing.

I also completed the Road Trip Europe Walking Challenge.

Total Miles: 51.2
Total Hours: 14:02:05
Total Workouts: 31


I’ve read 44 books so far! That’s 82% of my goal.

Zack had one work trip to Switzerland and one trip to Iowa this month. Then I went to Wisconsin for a long weekend to stay with my sister. The downer is that I got sick with whatever my nephew had. The last two weeks of the month I slept on the couch and there was so much pressure in my head. I had the worst cough. I didn’t get anything done for the rest of the month.




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