June 2022 Reading List

June 2022 Reading List – 8 Books

June 2022 reading list – Which books are worth the read and which should you skip?

One of my #22in2022 goals is to read 50 books this year. So far I’ve read:

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Hide by Kiersten White

1. Hide by Kiersten White

Every played hide and seek? This story is about the fourteen competitors that arrived at an abandoned amusement park to win the game of hide and seek – with the prize money enough to escape their desolate lives. But when the games begin, the thing seeking them is must more sinister than they could have imagined.

We were Liars by E. Lockhart

2. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

I wrote an in-depth review guest blog for this. When it’s live I’ll add the link to it here!

I liked this book much more than Family of Liars.

I ended up liking the prequel, Family of Liars, so much better! It was one of the 3 books I read in May.

Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena

3. Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena

A tense Easter dinner with family, but mom and dad end up murdered. The three children are in line to inherit millions of dollars. So who killed them?

A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

4. A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

Chloe, a psychologist in Lousiana, is our unreliable narrator. She has an addiction to pills and drinks on top of them. We find out that she’s dealing with childhood trauma of her father killing six young girls. But new murders are happening around her – a copycat killer.

We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker

5. We Begin at the End by Chris Whitaker

This story was a little sad for me to get through. A young girl, Duchess, and her younger brother, Robin, are orphaned after their mother, Star, is murdered. The children as sent to live with their grandfather in Wyoming, which is good for Robin, but Duchess is entirely angry and gets into trouble at school. Robin was just getting adjusted to this new life, until their grandfather passes away. The kids have it rough as they pass from foster home to foster home while the sheriff tries to solve the murder of their mother.

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

6. The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

If you’ve read any of the reviews I’ve posted before, you know that I don’t like to read a book’s cover before diving in. I had added this one to my library list and it was available to read. The story started off with Evelyn, a brilliant scientist. And her husband left her for her clone, Martine. So the science isn’t what’s important in this book – what’s important is that he cloned his wife to have a family. But he winds up dead at the hands of Martine – and Martine only has Evelyn to turn to.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

7. That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

I previously read Big Summer, so I was assuming that I picked up another light-hearted beach read. And while this one takes place near the beach – it has so much more depth to the characters. The story begins about young summer love in the Hamptons which turns dark. The pain character has gone into a deep depression where she quits college and cannot hold a job. Her life has been derailed – until she decides to confront her pain.

The Shining Girls Lauren Beukes

8. The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

I started watching the AppleTV show, but after the third or fourth episode I was a little lost. So I picked up the book to get myself on track for this story. The show made it seem like the time jumping was a huge factor in play – which is was – but I felt like the book had subdued it. The book focused more on the path of Harper, but the show had Kirby front and center. Did you watch or read this one? What did you think?

I’ve read a total of 31 books so far in 2022 – which is 62% of my goal!

What’s on your reading list? Let me know in the comments below!


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