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The Top Four Trackless Rides at Disney World

The Top Four Trackless Rides at Disney World

I loved my trip to Disney World this spring and I’m amazed at all the different types of rides that I got to experience. The best experience of all? Trackless rides!

What are Trackless Rides?

A trackless ride, according to AllEars.net, is “vehicles can easily double back through the attraction, swap places with one another, or perform maneuvers that would be impossible on a track.”

A tracked ride is a regular roller coaster where the vehicle remains on a track.

Trackless Rides at Disney World

Minnie and Mickeys Runaway Railway

Minnie and Mickey’s Runaway Railway (2020)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This trackless ride begins like a normal ride as you enter the train for seating. You follow Minnie and Mickey as they go on a picnic. Goofy is the conductor on your train, but things go awry. All of a sudden your train carts separate and the thrill ensues! Each of the four carts rotate, spin and dance around each room – all on different trackless systems. Each cart can experience a unique point of view for this truly unique experience.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance trackless rides

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (2019)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This was by far my favorite experience of the entire trip to Disney World. We started our day by heading straight to this trackless ride. We waiting about 90 minutes to get on this ride, but the time flew by. The line moved what felt like quickly because the line weaved through the world-building of Star Wars. You walked by various “lockers” which featured different costumes and props that made you feel like you were on a Star Wars movie set.

When it was our time to get to the front of the line, we were moved into a room where BB8 downloaded a hologram message from Rey. We were immersed into the storyline. We then boarded a transport ship where we are captured by a First Order Star Destroyer filled with legions of stormtroopers. And then we were lined up to be put in prison holds… until are saved by the Resistance! Then the trackless ride begins as we escape Kylo Ren’s grasp!

Remys Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (2021)

We were so lucky to not have to wait more than 40 minutes to get on this ride. When we arrived at Epcot, the app said that the line was over 75 minutes. We went on a few rides in the morning and checked the app again. The ride was down for a period of time – enough for us to go on Soarin’ Around the World. By the time we were out the wait time was only 20 minutes for Remy’s! By the time we fast-walked our way to Paris, the app said it was a 30-minute wait.

Remy’s trackless ride consisted of sitting in a cart shaped like a rat (yes, so cute). The carts move and scurry across the floor – all three carts are separate and move at their own pace. The experience consisted of following a little fairy 3D Gusteau onto the glass roof of Gusteau’s restaurant. And the ride begins will us “falling” into the restaurant – just like Remy in the movie! The ride continues as we scurry around the busy floor of the kitchen where we’re met with the heat of the stove being lit, riding on a cart into the dining room, and gusts of air and light sprays of water for a uniquely 4D experience.

Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (1994)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror opened in 1994 and also features a trackless ride (except the elevator portion). You begin your journey by entering the elevator cart. You ascend up to one of the top floors. When the doors open, your cart moves forward through The Twilight Zone experience. Then you re-enter another elevator before the terror commences.

More Trackless Rides at Other Disney Parks

  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland (2000)
  • Aquatopia at Tokyo DisneySea (2001)
  • Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland (2013)
  • Ratatouille: The Adventure at Disneyland Paris (2014)
  • Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters at Disney California Adventure (2016)
  • Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast at Tokyo Disneyland (2020)

Are trackless rides new to Disney World?

No, trackless rides are not new to Disney World. The first trackless ride at Disney was, according to AllEars.net, Autopia cars at Disneyland in 1955.

You can also make the argument for all the water rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean, are also trackless rides since the boats float in the water on a designated route. Buuuut, I’m going to leave that one sit…

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What’s your favorite trackless ride? Let me know in the comments below!


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