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Why We Moved From Verandahs at Cliffside

Why We Moved From Verandahs at Cliffside

I want to talk about why we moved from the Verandahs at Cliffside to get the experience off my chest.

It was almost a year ago that Zack moved to Texas. We signed the lease on April 15, 2016 after two days of driving across the country from Wisconsin to Texas. We found Verandahs at the Cliffside online and showed up at noon to sign and move in. We based our decision off of the reasonable reviews online. Little did we know that it wasn’t the best decision for us.

One Saturday in early January, Zack and I went to the gym in the morning. It started off on a normal routine like schedule, but Zack had to catch a flight for work. He was leaving around noon and wasn’t scheduled to come home until the following Saturday. I was excited to be able to get a little cleaning done without him home, but I was saving that for Sunday morning. So I spent the rest of the Saturday starting A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

I woke up Sunday morning to my own series of unfortunate events. I took the dog for a walk around eight in the very foggy morning. I did a double-take as I was sleeping because I couldn’t believe what I saw. Someone had stolen the wheels off of Zack’s truck and left it on cement blocks in front of our apartment. Less than 100 feet from our bedroom window. I started crying as I walked up to the truck and circled it. They had left all the bolts and left us with a very big matter to deal with.

I walked inside to get my phone. Crying into the speaker, I called Zack and tried to tell him what happened. He was in Las Vegas for a work convention so he was two hours behind me. He kind of laughed because this event was not what he was expecting to come out of my mouth. After I calmed myself, I called the police to come out. The police did nothing but write up a report and give me a case number. I never heard from them again.

For the next week, I was alone in an apartment I didn’t feel safe in. I couldn’t sleep because any little noise outside woke me. If someone feels brave enough to steel the wheels from a vehicle, what is stopping them from breaking into my apartment? Or a neighbor’s apartment? The Verandahs at the Cliffside is NOT a safe place to live.

I let Zack deal with the calls to the Leasing Office and the “courtesy officer”. There was one video camera on the property that views the front “gated” entrance. The courtesy officer is a phone number that goes directly to voicemail. Tenants leave a message and wait to hear back, if the person calls back at all. I laugh at

Zack also dealt with calling his insurance. We have USAA for both our vehicles and renter’s insurance. We had a $1,000 deductible to pay then the rest was covered. He made sure that the tow truck company USAA had coordinated with would bring tires for his truck then tow it to the collision repair center.

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    1. Once the wheels were stolen from our truck, the management wouldn’t share any security camera footage with me. We broke our lease because they couldn’t provide a safe environment for us to live. I didn’t feel safe.

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