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Colt Diagnosed Lymphoma

Monthly Life Update: March 2023

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Monthly Life Update: March 2023 Just like February, March flew by as well. I didn’t get a lot done on writing my travel posts, but I did get up one for Neuschwanstein. It took me forever to get through my photos for labeling and resizing. I guess you could say I worked on all the blog posts at once and fizzled out.

I had to reprioritize other projects and, again, life happens.

March 2023 Goals Progress


I pushed myself this month to find another book to add into my schedule. I took too long to read one book that it ended up being returned, then I had to wait for someone else to finish reading it before I could check it out again.

Read more about my 2023 Goals.


I really planned ahead last month in getting some try-on hauls done for product images. I have not been good at getting those images posted on LTK though. The blog posts are done, but I still haven’t worked on getting them on Instagram.

LTK: March had 4,720 clicks and $20.63 in open commissions.


I did a lot on my blog this month on the back-end. At the beginning of the month I felt like I was firing on a cylinders because I not only worked out some mobile errors, but I also got around to creating a Portfolio page for the Brands I’ve worked with.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. 6 Affordable Spring Sandals From Amazon
  2. Affordable Spring Styles From LOFT
  3. Affordable Spring Dresses to Add to Your Wardrobe
  4. Affordable Spring Tops From Amazon
  5. How To See Neuschwanstein Castle In One Day From Munich: The Ultimate Guide
  6. March 2023 Reading List – 3 Books
  7. and this Monthly Life Update: March 2023!


March 2023 Side Hustle Income

March 2023 Side Hustle Transactions

I only sold one item on Poshmark, but I did list a few items this month after I got back from our Europe trip. I did sell a couple more items at the end of the month, but I won’t get those earnings until the first week of April.


I spent one entire weekend working on the couch. I did make a lot of progress on that project! You can read about my progress with stripping the paint and sanding the wood on the frame. I actually used up most of the storage on my phone taking video of me working, oops!

I had to airdrop some of the videos from my phone to my Macbook because they were too large to backup via DropBox.

We also talked about getting new counter heigh chairs because it hurts to sit on our current stools. We ordered the Maison Leather Low Back Swivel Counter Stool from Pottery Barn, but we won’t get them until July or August.


I wrapped up the Celebrate India Jogging Series with iFIT Trainer Swetha Devaraj. It was 12 intermediate workouts designed to increase overall endurance and improve jogging form and technique.

Total Miles: 21.9
Total Hours: 5:59:56
Total Workouts: 13

Me + Zack

We found out yesterday afternoon that Colt has lymphoma. We have him on steroids over the weekend until we can get in to see a specialist. We don’t know how far along it is or anything. We’re both distraught.



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