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Monthly Life Update: February 2023

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

Of course February flew by – especially since we left on the 20th for a long vacation. Zack stayed an extra five days longer because he’s working a trade show.

I had internet and time to spare while I was at the second airport of the morning and I had time to make this video:

february 2023 goals progress


I am behind on writing posts and three books behind with my reading schedule – oh well! I don’t feel like I’m failing, but I do not that I need to step up!

I didn’t keep my routine intact, so I wasn’t reading in the mornings. I only ended up finishing two books this month.

I even downloaded two books to listen to on the plane, but I watched movies instead. It’s like I’m avoiding every goal, ehh.

We will be putting down a large payment on the truck this summer. Zack wants to pay a big chunk of it, but still make low monthly payments for his credit.

Read more about my 2023 Goals.


I really focused on making sure that everything was ready for our trip, so I didn’t focus on writing anything. I worked ahead by planning the posts for our trip in January, but I didn’t plan for anything in February. March should have a lot of content roll out if I have time to work on editing my photos.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. The Dallas Dollhaus Photography Studio
  2. February 2023 Reading List – 2 Books
  3. and this Monthly Life Update: February 2023!


February 2023 Side Hustle Income

What hustle? I haven’t been hustling. I only sold one item on Poshmark and I received a huge cash back from Rakuten. I put my Poshmark on vacation hold and I never planned for any content to go out while I was gone.

February 2023 income transactions

The donation kit I sent to ThredUp in July won’t process until the 3/24/23 now (last month the website said February). I really don’t like that they’re still charging to process their cleanout kits when they literally already take a cut from the sales of the consignment. I don’t think I’ll use this service any longer.

LTK: January had 4,866 clicks and $51.07 in open commissions.


I was having the hardest time with my hamstrings that I could hardly walk my dogs. I barely made it through the Dream Team Walking Challenge – which was the only workouts I did this month.

This is the lowest month in the amount of hours and miles since pre-2022. On the plus side, we were averaging 7 miles each day while we were in Europe. While I’m not counting this towards my workout counts, it does make me feel better about being active!

Total Miles: 7.7
Total Hours: 2:07:55
Total Workouts: 8


I haven’t had time to work on the website, but I did spend a lot of time on the train in Europe to write down ideas in a notebook. I’m working through what processes I want to put in place and how I want to handle client onboarding.

I know, I know, I should work on finding more clients – not just working on the back end. I also need to get the website live, but I’m also working on transferring some older posts from this domain to my business domain. This includes a lot of backend work.


Katie Kinsley

Katie Kinsley

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