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Monthly Life Update: October 2022

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

Happy Halloween!

It’s amazing that when I sat down to write this that I couldn’t remember anything I did this month. I didn’t really do much at all. I had a hair appointment and a doctor appointment. And Zack was gone for 5 days for work. And my dad visited for the State Fair!

I caught up and finished House of Dragons, watched The Watcher (so good), Hocus Pocus 2, and some of the Cabinet of Curiosities – which was a little bit too much for me…

For the trick-or-treaters, we put a bowl on a table outside. We didn’t even sit outside to pass out candy, haha.


I did write ten blog posts this month. I’m not sure when I found the time. Crazy to think that I’ve been putting less and less time into my website since I’ve been working on it all year. I’ve started putting more work into the SEO behind the posts.

You can find my original list of my goals here: #22in2022.


I didn’t do too much with outfits, but I did plan out my Hawaii outfits. I shopped a little bit, but not too much. I kinda took this month day by day. I didn’t burn myself out. I only worked on this when I felt compelled to do it. I have a feeling that next month will be like this, too. I will be out of town for 10 days, so it’s a nice break!

I had four campaigns that I worked on with minisocial. I worked on Speks, Artza, Tractive, and Java Planet. I put a lot of work into those, but they do not pay anything. It’s only a product review and posting in exchange for the content.

I also had a collaboration with PDV Pumpkin Patch.

LTK: October had 2,392 clicks and $63.86 in open commissions.


I completely overhauled my monthly goal update posts. I’ve been very good at staying consistent on these posts throughout the year, but they were boring and mostly a bunch of lists and links. I’ve retroactively edited them going all the way back to January. I created the format that you are seeing on this post, so I can talk about the different areas of my life each month. You can read more of my monthly life updates.

I think this layout flows a lot better and it really gives me time to reflect. Especially when I’ve been tracking workout performance, but haven’t shared most of it this year. And I’m so proud of myself for that!

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. Fall Nails | Inspiration
  2. Mini Dresses | Currently Shopping
  3. iFit Walking for Weight Loss
  4. Athletic Apparel | Currently Shopping
  5. minisocial Review – Is minisocial legit?
  6. Enneagram Type Four
  7. Slow Cooker Easy Beef Stroganoff
  8. 7 Things You Should Pack in Your Hawaii Suitcase
  9. October 2022 Reading List – 5 Books
  10. and this Monthly Life Update: October 2022!


October 2022 Side Hustle Income

October 2022 transactions

October was a little spooky with my funds. I had a payment to my branding designer, so that was a big charge. And I only had one collaboration payout – which was a corrected amount of a previous campaign. I sold one item at the very end of the month on Poshmark, but that won’t be income until November.


I working on a post about deconstructing antique couch and got it published.

I’m kind of at a hold because I’m still waiting for a quote on having it restored. I got a quote back for the couch. A whopping $3600 for the reupholstery work. I was verbally quoted that it would be around $2500 when I dropped it off, so I’ve asked if we could meet in the middle at $3000. I’m waiting for a reply.


My hamstring was sore for a couple weeks this month, so I took some time off doing strength training workouts. I tried to stay with at least walking, but it was difficult. I completed the Fit for Fall Walking Challenge and the Wicked Fitness Challenge.

I’m glad I’m going on vacation soon because it’ll be a nice break from the daily grind I’ve been doing.

Total Miles: 33
Total Hours: 11:04:47
Total Workouts: 31


I tried organizing my files – both digital and paper – to try to rebalance myself. It’s helping a little bit. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I walk into my office. Mentally, I had a really good month.


I mentioned I filed last month for an LLC and it got approved!

I’m freelancing digital marketing on Upwork, but I want to expand my services outside of the platform. I’m still thinking about pricing and everything else.

I have been working on my website. I actually need the website in order to finishing setting up Stripe to process payments. I used Paypal for the first invoice to my personal account. And I sent the second invoice using a Paypal Business account, but the payment is on hold. Like they’re not giving me the money… I have no idea what that is about yet.

I’ve got a lot of the website framework setup so far, but I need to meet with a photographer to have branded photos so I can make it pretty. Then I need to create a portfolio to showcase some of my work. It’s a lot of back-end setup!

I had another month of serving one client and I interviewed and signed an NDA with my second client. I have yet to start any projects, but at least it’s in progress.


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