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Monthly Life Update: December 2022

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Happy last day of 2022!

I primarily focused on my fitness this month. I was so close to reaching a goal that it only made sense to get there. I didn’t focus much on my blog or bending over backwards to do everything or go over the top.

I tried to relax. I tried to take a break.

I purchased a new game and almost finished it. I put the work aside and did what I wanted to do.


Since I took a break, I didn’t write a lot. I also haven’t made any progress with the designer I hired to help me rebrand my website. I’m disappointment that I haven’t received anything yet after it’s been four months since I hired her…

You can find my original list of my goals here: #22in2022.


I went ice skating with a few friends this month and I checked out the Winter Village at the Adolphus Hotel.

LTK: December had 4,240 clicks and $50.55 in open commissions.


I took a rest from my blog. I focused on work and completing other projects.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. December 2022 Reading List – 4 Books
  2. All the Books I Rated 5 Stars in 2022
  3. and this Monthly Life Update: December 2022!


December 2022 Side Hustle Income

December 2022 Transactions

I’ve really been enjoying weSponsored (though the opportunities are limited) and I’ve finally participated in two campaigns that had extra bonuses.

The donation kit I sent to ThredUp in July was finally processed. I have another kit that won’t process until the end of January. I cannot believe how long this has taken. I wrote about using them back in my post about the best platform to sell your clothes.


I’m planning on participating in The January Cure again, so I’ll be detailing that process in January.

I also ordered the fabric samples and picked out the one I want. Now I’m waiting to received the 20 yards, but, once that arrives, then the couch will finally be reupholstered!


I completed the iFit 12 Days of Fitness Challenge by Dec. 10, so I was a little bit ambitious. And I reached the 300 workout milestone!

After Thanksgiving, I calculated that I only needed to walk 2 miles each day for the rest of the year to make it to 500 miles total. And I doubled up some days and took some rest days. Give and take, but I made it on the last day of December to a full 500.1 miles!

Total Miles: 63.5
Total Hours: 15:33:10
Total Workouts: 39


I *finally* picked up my couch from only getting an estimate. The business that I was getting an estimate from has very crappy hours. They close at 5pm on weekdays and 3pm on Friday.

I reached out to someone who has an upholstery business on Facebook. I sent him photos and his quote came back a lot better than the other place. I had to focus on getting the couch back, so I made it a priority this week. Now its back in the garage, haha.

Me + Zack

We spent the last week of December planning a vacation to Europe. So excited to visit again!


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