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Monthly Life Update: November 2022

Monthly Life Update: November 2022

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

And just like that, November is at an end.


Going on vacation is tough when I’m trying to write so many blog posts. I haven’t even gotten to writing my Hawaii summary post, but I did share a quick one on my outfits. I wrote seven this month.

Traveling to Hawaii was somewhere new, so that means that I’ve gone to two new places this year.

You can find my original list of my goals here: #22in2022.


I will be getting some clothes delivered in the next week, so I’ll be able to add to my social media and LTK. I have two packages that are lost in the mail already, so I’m waiting to hear what the stores say if they’ll refund or ship again.

I’m approved for four campaigns at the moment, but I only have one ready for me to begin working on. I’ve either just gotten accepted or haven’t received the product yet.

LTK: November had 2,946 clicks and $57.81 in open commissions.


Since I was so focused on reworking some of my posts for SEO, I haven’t been able to come up with a new list of ideas! I need to have a brain storm session. I’m like constantly organizing or trying to get organized.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. Outfits I Wore in Hawaii
  2. Dallas Bloggers You Need to Follow
  3. Photo Studios in Dallas
  4. Winter Comfort Food Recipes
  5. Holiday Finds | Currently Shopping
  6. November 2022 Reading List – 3 Books
  7. and this Monthly Life Update: November 2022!


November 2022 Side Hustle Income

November 2022 Transactions

I’m surprised I actually made money this month! I sold a couple of items on Poshmark, one payout from Rakuten, and I had two payouts from LTK. Having that lower pay out amount is super nice. I only paid for one event that I’ll be attending in December. I’m glad to be positive this month!


I’m still waiting to hear back about my couch. I’ve reached out again in the last week of the month, but they at least answered my email this time. And they said that they will get an answer for me…but I have a feeling that I’ll be emailing again in a couple weeks.

I shopping the Black Friday sales and found some decor items for my entryway. I’ll be working on a post for that once everything arrives!


I completed six workouts for the iFit Time Crunch Challenge for November. I was gone quite a few days for my trip and I was also sick over Thanksgiving, but I manage to get my workouts in!

The greatest part of going on vacation was that I finally gave my body some much needed rest. I’ve really been working hard on my body this year and my leg just wasn’t loosening up. All I did was swim in the ocean and be a tourist, but my leg felt great when I got home.

I finished the Bora Bora bootcamp for the NINTH time this year. Maybe I should try to complete it one more time during December? Hmm..

Total Miles: 28.6
Total Hours: 6:37:10
Total Workouts: 17


I’ve been working a little bit extra, but I haven’t been reaching out to find more work because November is always a busy month at my work. I live in chaos during Giving Tuesday and can hardly walk away from my desk during the day.

I have been planning on getting some branding photos taken. I picked out two photo studios that I’m really interested in. And I had my friend Chelsea come over to help me pick out the outfits and accessories I’ll be wearing during the photoshoot. I haven’t booked it yet, but I’ll get there soon!



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