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Monthly Life Update: June 2023

Stay updated on the latest happenings.

Monthly Life Update: June 2023 I was adjusting to my new routine without Colt throughout last month. Zack and I even took a short weekend trip to get us out of the house.

This month I’ve been slowly working on a shadow box memorial for Colt, but I haven’t finished it yet. I ordered the frame a while ago, but it ended up being too thin. Luckily, when I logged in to Amazon to return it, I still had three more days to do so. I ordered a new frame that is 2.5 inches deep.

We went to Hobby Lobby and I found a small glass jar to add some of his ashes to it for the shadow box. I ordered some pictures from Walgreens, but the new frame was a little bit smaller overall. I researched and found MPix.com where I ordered “minis” which came as a set of 8 photos at 1.75 x 2.5″. I culled through all the photos of Colt again and even went as far as using Lightroom to make sure I had the best pictures of him. I even paid to have a luster added for UV protection.

I went a little all-out, but this is for me and Zack to remember our baby boy.

June 2023 Goals Progress


I haven’t been keeping up with my reading goal. I only worked through two books – one of which I quit because it was so boring.

Read more about my 2023 Goals.


I had to recalculate this number. I keep forgetting that I’m listing “open” commissions on these monthly posts. This means that there is still a chance to return the item, then it subtracts from my numbers eventually. What I’m tracking above in my Goals progress graphic is my actual earning – the amount after I get paid – for the percentage.

LTK: April had 1,900 clicks and $84.32 in open commissions.


I’ve been writing a lot more. I’m excited for our next trip to Disney. It was a very spontaneous trip to plan, but I made it happen. Zack got a meeting scheduled for a client in Orlando, so we jumped on the chance to have some fun on the weekend.

Here’s what I shared on the blog this month:

  1. Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
  2. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  3. Disney World Outfit Ideas for Women
  4. How to Plan Your First Trip to Disney World
  5. May 2023 Best Sellers
  6. The Ultimate Disney World Packing List
  7. A Weekend Trip Exploring Dinosaur Valley State Park
  8. Headed to Disney World? Pack these Comfortable Sneakers for Theme Parks
  9. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – I Am Working Out Daily
  10. Epcot Foodie Itinerary: Planning the Perfect Food Crawl
  11. Eating and Drinking Around the World at Epcot
  12. Matching Sets From Amazon | Currently Shopping
  13. Reading List
  14. and this Monthly Life Update: X 2023!


I made the decision to purchase a Canon Camera to take better photos inside the home. I worked with it one weekend, but I’m still getting used to switching from an iPhone only.

I haven’t used a camera in a few years, but this one was fairly cheap and geared towards creators. It came with a clicker and a microphone attachment.

I used it to take the last four photos on this post (and the one with me at the top), but the rest of the pics are from the iPhone. I’m not sure if I can tell the difference.

I’m also getting used to editing in Lightroom again – learning curve after so many years!


I really poured my heart into my fitness goals this month and I’m still surviving! Tomorrow is day 28/30 and I’m so close to the end. I’m ready to take a few days off!

Total Miles: 48.23
Total Hours: 13:02:06
Total Workouts: 27

How has your month been going? Have you changed gears to swap out some goals in your own life?



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